Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not Nice

Chloe Jo has a toy necklace that she loves to play with.

She loves to pull it apart and then hand it to me to put it back together. I'll do this for a few minutes, but it really gets old, especially when I am trying to do something.

When I get tired of the "game", I will say "this is the last time" and give it back to her. Most of the time, she is okay with it if I tell her it's the last time.

Today, not so much.

She took the necklace from me and flung her hands down (she does this when she is mad) and ended up hitting me on the leg with the necklace.

I don't think she meant to hit me with it, but she needed to be reprimanded for the fit anyway.

So I said, "No ma'am! We don't hit Mommy with the necklace! That is not nice!"

She then looked at me with her big, sad eyes and said "not nice?"

To which I, again, said "That is not nice!"

She walked away shaking her head and saying "not nice, not nice" over and over.

Precious. And I couldn't help but to laugh at her.