Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I hate dogs.

Okay, that isn't completely true. I hate mean dogs that are off their leashes and/or out of their yards.

Russ and I enjoy taking walks around town in the evenings. Chloe Jo is *usually* pretty good about going. We just walk around our neighborhood for an hour or so. The last few times we have gone on a walk we have had dogs follow us, barking the whole time. There is a part of a road that has a very large, brown dog who likes to growl and bark at us and is never in it's yard or on a leash. We intentionally avoid that part of that road for that reason. Last night we were chased by a small black dog first. The dogs owner was even outside, but the owner didn't call it off for at least a few minutes. We were on the road, not on their property at all. Then a few houses down FOUR dogs came charging at us and I really thought one of them was going to attack. There was a large black dog, that same brown dog who had chased us before, and two smaller dogs. I was LIVID! I don't usually mind dogs that much. I just want them to be in their yards or on their leashes...especially if they act that way. I yelled at the house that they needed to control their animals, but no one even came to the window or the door to see what was going on. I was so mad the whole way home. I was shaking. It scares me so much when dogs do that. I don't want to be bit and I definitely don't want Chloe Jo to be bit. When we got home, I called the number to our local police department (who is also in charge of animal control) but the phone just rang and rang. Then I called a number for the county animal control. No one answered and their mailbox was full. We found another number that we called with the same result. I ended up e-mailing them about the situation. This morning the animal control guy actually called me back! I told him what was going on and he said he would look into the issue. The guy also gave me the "after hours" number to the police station and told me that I could call 911 if we have a problem again. I didn't think it was an actual "emergency" since we weren't bit or hurt by the dogs and I definitely don't want to be an annoying citizen who doesn't use 911 properly.

I really hope something is done about this problem. I don't think that it's right for these dogs to be a nuisance to people minding their own business.


meisje said...

I know what you are talking about. My grandma used to take use for walks and we finally had to stop for that reason. She started carring a stick. I see people still doing it and they all carry sticks. I suggest you guys do it too. I miss those walks with her.

p said...

We take pepper spray on our walks just for that reason. I've used it before when a dog ran thru its invisible fence, and he immediately retreated. Sure beats being bitten.