Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who searched Michael Bolton!?!?!?

So I was checking out my blog stats just now and looking at the things people have searched to end up on my little slice of the internet. All of them made sense except one: "Michael Bolton." Um, I don't remember ever blogging about him. Although, maybe I have. I've been known to forget things. Even if I have mentioned him once or twice, how in the world did you make it to my page by searching him? Not that I mind that you're here. Welcome, Michael Bolton fans. Please make yourselves at home!


Janet said...

This is too funny! I always find my blog stats comical. It's always interesting to see how new visitors find my blog.

Courtney said...

That makes me think of the movie 'office space' where one of the characters is named: Michael Bolton. And he hated it, but refused to change his name to "mike".
That's where my mind goes.

Melinda and Jonathan said...

HA!!! That is hilarious! I love to check the stats too. Some of the search terms are hilarious. And some of them are down-right creepy/stalkerish. EEK!