Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gone Visiting

Hi All! I have a very good reason for being MIA since the 1st. Chloe Jo and I are in Missouri visiting my parents. We got here on Tuesday, the 4th and are staying until Tuesday, the 18th. We have been having a great time (with the exception of last night, I'll get to that in a little bit). My sister came up from Oklahoma with her little girl, Brianna who is just 10 months younger than Chloe Jo so we have been having a great time playing with them while Grampy and G-Jo are at work. Chloe Jo took a while to get used to Brianna, but she finally started coming around to her this week. They have been here for 6 days. It just takes Chloe a while. Anyway, Chloe has been having a great time with her Grampy and G-Jo (and I have too!). Grampy and her are special friends because he does things like this:
Chloe Jo had Elmo's Country Jamboree on and Grampy decided she needed a guitar to play. He went out to his shop and brought me a piece of wood to draw a guitar on and cut it out. Just like that. And Chloe Jo loves her new guitar!
For some reason I haven't taken a picture of Chloe Jo with both Grampy and G-Jo. I will remedy that before I go home!
As you guys know, I've had a hard time deciding what to do with Chloe Jo's mullet. I'm so glad my sis and Mom were able to give me some input. We all decided that we needed to trim it up so that it wouldn't be so scraggly. Chelley (my sis) did the honors and it turned out soooo cute! I'm so glad I had her do it. I'm amazed at how much fuller it looks since it doens't have all that mess in the back. It's adorable and I almost want the same cut....almost.
Chelley and I are planning to take the girls to get their pictures taken together on Thursday. These are the dresses Chelley brought for them to wear. I think they look precious!
I love this picture. It isn't often that I can get them both looking at the camera and smiling!
This is my little neice. Isn't she adorable!?!?! I told Chloe Jo that she has to be best friends with Brianna! We'll see how that goes since they are like night and day. Waaaaaay different from each other.
Chloe was walking around completely primping in her dress. She knew she looked beautiful and she wanted us to know it! Brianna brought a little teaset with her and Chloe looked so funny playing with it while dressed up. Just like a little princess. She was sharing the tea with her G-Jo.
I have been having such a great time loving on little Brianna. She is so precious! And look at all her hair! She's already had several trims and she is only 10 1/2 months old!
Along with playing with the girls, Mom is giving me sewing lessons. We went to Hobby Lobby last week and I picked out the cutest fabric. I also bought several patterns because they were on sale for $.99. I am making Chloe Jo a dress and I think it is going to be fabulous! Bright greens and pinks. Can't beat those colors on a little girl! I'm also working on a calendar that I am scrapbooking. We have definitely been keeping busy.
Last night was awful for our little girls. Brianna has not been feeling great since she got here. She is cutting two teeth and has not been eating well. She's thrown up several meals and we just chalked it up to the teething. Last night she started running a fever and was up all night. Chloe Jo also got sick. She threw up 4 times, but actually slept pretty good when she wasn't throwing up. It worries me because she doesn't get sick normally. Chloe has been sick one time that wasn't due to immunizations and she has only thrown up one time (this doesn't count all of the spitting up she did as a wee baby). Looking back, I think she hasn't been feeling well since Sunday evening. She didn't eat good then and she also didn't eat good at lunch on Monday. This is so not like her. She is serious about her meals! She seems fine this morning, though Bri still is feeling bad. Hopefully they will be completely well soon.
This is all for now. I may or may not blog more while I'm here. I'll do a full post about our trip when I get back to SC.

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Ashley said...

Have so much fun! Love those dresses the girls are wearing for their pics...and the one you took is so cute!