Monday, November 29, 2010


How was your Thanksgiving holiday? Mine....well....didn't go according to plan. Not even close!

So Russ' brother married a girl from South Carolina, oddly enough. They were able to come all the way from Arkansas to spend Thanksgiving with her family and we were invited since we weren't going to go anywhere. They made it to South Carolina Saturday (I think) and on Monday we our two families got together for the day. We let the kids play (their son, David, is 4 months younger than Chloe Jo) for a while and ended up going to a city to eat. Did I get a single picture of Russ' brothers family? NO! I don't know how that happened! After we ate, we went to the Farmer's Market and looked at the trees and had desert. Ice Cream and Peach Enchiladas....YUM! We then went on a little sightseeing adventure.

During The Cold War, a bomber was flying over the city we were in on the way to England. The plane's controls malfunctioned and dropped an Atom Bomb that destroyed one house, damaged many others within a 5 mile radius and made a crater that was 30 feet deep and 70 feet wide. Luckily the bomb did not detonate! It was difficult to find the site because there way only a few signs and the actual site doesn't have a sign on the side that is not private property.

Here are pictures of the bomb site. It just looks like a lake now.
After searching for about an hour for this, we were a little disappointed since there wasn't much there. Plus, it was by an abandoned trailer park. There were roads and driveways, but everything was so grown up it was hard to tell what it was. There were electric boxes at each lot making it feel very Twilight Zone-ish when we were driving through. Very strange!
After finally finding the bomb site, it was getting late so we parted ways to see each other again on Thursday...or so we thought. I ended up getting sick Thursday. My Thanksgiving meal consisted of a few crackers, a couple of pieces of toast and a cup of hot tea. And I was okay with that because thinking about eating anything else made my stomach turn. I stayed in bed the whole day and was feeling better on Friday. My appetite also came back on Friday. Unfortunately, Chloe Jo had started coughing Monday night and was still coughing Friday so we didn't get to do anything the rest of the week.

Here is the adorable shirt I made for Chloe Jo to wear on Thanksgiving. I'm so sad she didn't get to wear it, but we will pass it down to cousin Brianna to wear next year maybe. I also made the bow. You can't really see it in the picture, but there is an adorable turkey on it.
And since Thanksgiving has passed, I dressed Chloe Jo up in a Christmas dress for Sunday church services. She is so adorable with her little piggie tails!
That's all for now. I'm going to try to write more later this week. I have several posts in my head. I just need to find time to do them and all the other things I need to do this week!


Ashley said...

Will you do a tutorial on the turkey shirt? Please and thanks :) It's adorable!!

Alicia_B said...

That turkey shirt is adorable!!! Sorry your Thanksgiving wasn't what you all hoped for but I hope you are all feeling better.