Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pecans and Hair

Today we went to the Pecan Festival. Said "pee" and "can," rhymes with man. We suthners now. This was quite a big event! We only stayed a little over an hour. That is about my limit with big crowds like this! Regardless of the crowd, we had a good time. There were several stages set up for bands to play. I really enjoyed this group.
I have no idea who they are! I just liked their blue-grass sound.
Chloe Jo, on the other hand, wasn't that impressed. Ha! I love this picture. Too funny.There were several booths with very cute things for little girls. I found this dress and hair bow. I'm so excited to dress Chloe Jo up in it tomorrow morning for Sunday school and Worship services.
I love the Palmetto and Moon. It wouldn't be South Carolina without this symbol.
I bought it in a big enough size that Chloe Jo should be able to wear it for her 2 year old pictures.
After the Pecan Festival we went by the Farmer's Market. I am really enjoying shopping for my produce there. The prices are excellent, the quality is excellen and I can support local business. It's a win-win-win!
After we got home I gave Chloe Jo a bath...and decided that I couldn't stand her bangs in her eyes any longer. She has needed a trim for several weeks and I haven't taken her. Tonight I stepped out of my comfort zone and trimmed them up myself. It's not the best job I've ever seen. I think I trimmed them too high, but I'm just glad her bangs aren't in her eyes anymore! Plus, they'll grow back out so I'm not bugging.
Now, I need to decide what I want to do about her mullet.

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Janet said...

My Alexis has a mullet too, but I just can't bring myself to cut off any of the length. Love the new dress!