Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Control your children!

Caution: The following post is a total rant! If you don't like it when I rant, please don't read this!

Tonight, Russ, Chloe Jo and I went to the soccer game of one of the kids from the church here. This is the 3rd game we've been to (2 of another kid from the church and this one) and we love going. As a side note, I'm going to break out the soccer ball because I would really love it if Chloe Jo decided to play soccer!

Anyway, on to the rant!

We were sitting on the bottom bench of a set of bleachers. I like to sit on the bottom because Chloe Jo can't fall through the bleachers and she can get up and walk around in front of us if she wants to. So we are watching the game and Chloe Jo is standing in front of me. She wasn't out of arms reach and she was completely minding her own business. There were a couple of kids playing and running around our set of bleachers. An older kid ran by followed by a kid around 6. The second kid (whose name was Chase - I know this because the adult he was with yelled at him a thousand times during the game) plows over poor Chloe Jo. He didn't even stop and apologize. He just caught his balance, looked at Chloe Jo and ran on.

Okay, accidents happen. Whatev. I can deal.

He then did it a second time!!! I had stood her back up thinking they would watch where they were going, but no. He completely plowed her over again! The whole time he is running around, out of control, the adult he was with was yelling at him. She kept threatening to come get him and wear his bottom out in front of everyone, but she didn't once get off of her rear to actually do anything about his behavior. He finally ran off and we didn't have to deal with him again for a little bit.

He showed back up a little later and his adult made him sit on the bleacher in front of her. She gave him a can of boiled peanuts to eat. Chloe Jo was walking around in front of Russ and I and looking at the people in the bleachers, waving and grinning at them. She started talking the the boy and he started talking smack to her, telling her things like "you better not touch me, baby." He was being horrible and she wasn't anywhere near him! The adult didn't even care that he was being mean. I just ignored him and Chloe Jo thought he was entertaining her.

Then he threw a peanut shell at Chloe Jo. Then he threw another and it hit me. I finally had had enough and picked up Chloe Jo and went and stood far away from the brat.

I really hate it when kids are allowed to act like crazy brats. Chloe Jo never even touched that kid and he ran over her twice, talked smack to her and then threw peanut shells at her. All the while, the adult yelled and threatened, but did nothing to stop the child. It was really hard to hold my tongue when that was going on. Okay, let me rephrase. It was really hard to not say the things I said a lot louder than I did when that was going on.

What makes it all even worse is that my innocent baby girl was the victim. I know she is too young to understand what was going on, but it still makes me mad. And when Momma Bear gets mad, the claws automatically come out. Not the regular "climb up a tree" claws. The "I'm going to tear you apart if you ever touch my kid again" claws.

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Chelley N said...

I wasn't even there and I want to wap this kid upside his head!!! ARGHHH!