Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Memory Walk 2010

Russ, Chloe Jo and I woke up bright and early to go to The Big Town Next Door to participate in the 2010 Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk. This is the 3rd year Chloe Jo (she was in utero the first year) and I have participated and the 1st year Russ has particpated. Our team, Team Gray Wolf raised $285.00 for Alzheimer's research!The crowd was, unfortunately, quite small. There were only around 100-150 walkers. I hope this city has just not participated in the past so the walk hasn't grown yet. They definitely needed us! I love the row of flags. You can buy a flag to dedicate to someone who is afflicted with Alzheimer's. I haven't done this in the past, but I may look into it for next year.
I love getting a T-shirt every year. If you raise $100.00 or more, you can get a free T-shirt. Since the shirts ran small, Russ' didn't fit so I put it on Chloe Jo. I think she looks adorable!
She did very good during the walk. I think she enjoyed playing and riding in the stroller!
We asked a lady there to take a family picture. She acted like we were crazy! HA! We just can't miss a photo op!
This is the start of the walk. I looked at my pictures from the walk last year and it was packed. Plus, this walk didn't have the booths set up or the field of teams like the one in Oklahoma. It was just really different. We sure hope it grows over the next few years!
Here I am pushing Chloe Jo under the balloon arch.
All in all, I think Team Gray Wolf had a very succesful year. Plus if we put what we raised with Team Gray Wolf's Oklahoma Chapter, we did phenomenal! Here is a little video I did during our walk.

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