Thursday, November 11, 2010

We love this warm weather!

Chloe Jo and I have been loving this warm weather South Carolina has been having. It was cold on Monday, but then it has been warm since then. We were able to walk to the library on Tuesday to check out a few books and we went to the park on Wednesday. One of the things I feel like I don't do good with as a parent is taking Chloe Jo outside to play. I am trying to be better about that. We need to soak up some more good ol' vitamin D!Here she is all ready to go. She loves going outside to play, especially if we go to the park.
When we got to the park there was a little girl about a year older than Chloe Jo. I was happy because I thought they might play together. Unfortunately, the little girl was not allowed to play with "that baby." Chloe Jo really wanted to play with her, but they ended up leaving shortly after we got there. I do wish Chloe Jo had someone her own age to play with. I can't find a playgroup to join here and I don't want to put her in daycare yet.Chloe Jo thought it was great that I just let her go! Sometimes there are too many older children there and I get nervous about them not watching where they are going so I don't let her just run. We were the only ones there yesterday so she was able to have free reign.
She especially loved climbing up and down this gym. She didn't care much about going down the slide this time.
She enjoyed spinning these toys. There were three of them and she played with each one.
There were a few adults at the park, one who had two small dogs with him. Chloe Jo repeated "dog, dog, dog" over and over while she watched them run and play.
The last thing we did was swing. Chloe Jo wasn't really that interested in swinging but for a minute or so. She usually loves swinging so this one surprised me. I think she was enjoyed her free reign of the playground and didn't want to be confined!
At least I got a super cute picture of her during the minute she did swing! We sure love going to the park and are planning to go again today after lunch! Tomorrow I am planning to go to Myrtle Beach with a friend for a Christmas festival. Then on Saturday, we have the Alzheimer's Walk in the morning (we only lack $25 to reach our goal!) and we have a cleaning/fellowship/game time at the church building after the walk. It's going to be a busy couple of days!

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Chelley N said...

CUTE pics. She's so big :(.