Saturday, August 7, 2010

We're tourists...sorta

I love how everytime we go somewhere, it's a new adventure. I haven't been to this part of the country for vacation or to visit so I don't really know much about the area besides what I have looked at online. I've been hankering to go exploring so we have been trying to get some sight seeing in the past couple of days.

On Thursday evening we tried to go out to a state park that is fairly close to us. I thought I had seen signs for it and we went the way I thought we needed to go. We turned Ichabod (our GPS) on and followed it for a while. Pretty soon we came to a town and the sign said "Welcome to *insert the name of the town we live in*". We apparently went the wrong way and Ichabod sent us in a big circle to get back to square one. After wasting that much time, we still managed to get to the park which had closed 2 hours earlier. We just turned around and went back home. It turned out being a complete waste of time for us. We are going to try to go back sometime this coming week.

On Friday evening we went out to a place called "South of the Border." There are billboards for miles and miles leading to this place so we decided to check it out and see what all the fuss was about.

We both thought it was the weirdest place we have ever been to. It's in the middle of nowhere and is like a huge theme park with tons of shops and places to eat. But, it's not the good kind of theme park. It's like the twilight zone because it is so secluded and it has a bunch of creepy animal statues like this one:
Russ was creeped out that I wanted him to stand with this purple gorilla. He was a good sport about it and at least gave the camera a smile. It also didn't help that it was wet and dreary so there weren't a lot of people there.There were way too many weird colored animal statues. The shops just had bins and bins of junk that was sure to break 2 minutes after you left the store. There was a reptile lagoon with alligators that was interesting. All in all, I would probably not go back any time soon.

So this morning we drove out to Myrtle Beach to see the ocean. Chloe Jo was excited when I would tell her where we were going.

Unfortunately, she wasn't that happy the whole time. She didn't like being in the car for half the day going and coming back! But really, the trip was completely worth it and we loved seeing the ocean!
It was overcast most of the day and it rained on us on the way back home. Even with the rain and cloudy skies I enjoyed myself. It was crazy hot and humid though!
Chloe Jo didn't like the sand at all. She was completely afraid of walking in it. She also didn't like the waves at first, but once the tide splashed over her feet a couple of times she decided she did like it.I heart this picture!
One of the other things we have been looking forward to is eating fresh seafood. We found a restaurant to eat at and it was soooooo good! Russ had a crabcake sandwich and I had a flounder filet. Yum. We got Chloe Jo a grilled cheese sandwich and some french fries. She was really happy when the server brought her food!
Have I ever mentioned that Chloe Jo loves ketchup? She doesn't have french fries very often, but when she does she wants ketchup with them!
We have really been having a great time getting settled and exploring the state/area we live in now. I am excited to see what else we can find. I know, though, that once the novelty wears off I may have a hard time being here. I'm already homesick and I miss my family so much. I have been keeping an eye on flights and planning a trip to see them in January. I have found very reasonable prices for flights so I am hoping Chloe Jo and I can fly out there a couple of times a year.
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elephantscanremember said...

That's so cool! Don't you love exploring a new place? (Sorry Ichabod messed up your route, though.)

I've never been to SC, and it's not too far from me now.

meisje said...

I know how it feels getting mived around for a job away from your family. We have had to do it twice now. Once the new wears off you are going to get really homesick. Just keep busy with your family that helps.I REALLY look forward to getting to go home. At least Cloe Jo is not in school yet and you can travel when you want still. Best wishes


Chelley N said...

Chloe Josephina is already looking more grown up than when I saw her last :-(. Her hair is really growing! Boo on the creepy amusement park but YAY for the beach!!!

Alicia_B said...

Have fun exploring! But I can see what you mean about missing your family! I will be in the same boat in a few months when we relocate.

Misty Dawn said...

You never mentioned what state you moved to? ? We live in Hilton Head, SC, so let me know if you come my way!