Friday, August 20, 2010


I love being able to cook at home and eat as a family every night. When we lived in Missouri, Russ would work every single night and we weren't able to eat as a family very often. Which also meant that I didn't cook full meals on a regular basis. Now that we are here and Russ only has one job, then we are able to eat together every lunch (Russ is able to come home for lunch) and dinner. A few nights ago we had spaghetti and I had baked rolls to go with it. A few nights before that we had grilled chicked, also with rolls. As yummy as the rolls were, they were definitely missing something. That something was slurp.

Slurp is a homemade strawberry jam that my family loves. My Granny Tiger makes slurp. My Mom makes slurp. I love slurp. Rolls with butter are good. Rolls with butter and slurp are the bomb shnizzle, yo!

Well, I had slurp in Missouri. I had a jar in the fridge and several in the freezer. Because our trip out here was over the span of 3 days, I didn't bring any freezer or fridge items with us. I gave everything to my Mom and slurp included. How we've missed slurp. Sigh.

But, not anymore. My Granny Tiger makes slurp. My Mom makes slurp. And now I make slurp.Delicious strawberry goodness in a jar. Yum. And I made enough to share. Oh yeah.


Elana said...

And are we going to get the recipe or is that a family trade secret? :-)

elephantscanremember said...

Send a jar my way! That looks delicious with some hot biscuits. How did it get that name?

Chelley N said...

Mmmmmm... slurp! I think I need to be a slurp-maker, too!

Janet said...

Umm yes? I'm also wondering if this is a secret family recipe? Would love to know how it's made! Sounds and looks delicious!