Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Because I know you all are interested!

When we left Missouri, Chloe Jo was consistently using the potty before bath time. It was almost every time. I didn't go ahead and try to potty train because I wanted to get to South Carolina and settled before I started that. I also figured that a huge change would, well, change things for her. I was, unfortunately, right about that. She hadn't gone potty in the big potty one time since we've been here until Saturday night. I was thrilled when she decided to go in the big potty again. I always put her on the potty before bath time whether she wants to or not. Tonight I put her on the potty, as usual, before bath time. She started whining about it and her whining because a cry. It was really more of a griping cry than a real cry. Well, the griping cry turned into a real cry. Since she had been on the toilet for several minutes I got her off and much to my surprise, she had gone #2 in the big potty!!! No wonder she was crying. She was probably scared since that was the first time. Russ and I both made a huge deal about it and gave her huggies and kissies and lots of high fives. I'm so excited for her and this makes me think that it will be possible to potty train her at 18 months. Here's to hoping that we are rid of diapers before the end of the year!!!

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Janet said...

WOW! That is awesome! I can't wait until my girls start doing that. I don't think we are anywhere close but I look forward to that day! Keep up the good work Chloe Jo!!