Saturday, August 21, 2010

Outdoor Fun

South Carolina has several state parks. We think this is great since there are a few that are close enough for a day trip. We have been wanting to explore our state parks and today we were able to get out and visit one. Our family loves the outdoors and Russ and I love to reminesce about our childhoods and camping with our families. We hope to be able to take Chloe Jo camping soon and give her a few happy memories like we have.

The park we visited today has a small lake that you can fish on. It wasn't exactly "The Lake of Shining Waters" (5 points to whoever can tell me where that is from...though, this is a game where the points don't matter...5 more to whoever can tell me where that is from), but it was still nice to be able to show Chloe Jo the water and all the lily pads. When I say "all the lily pads" I mean all. There were tons. I don't know how people were fishing without getting their hooks caught in the lily pads!Chloe Jo loved exploring the wooded area.

I don't think she knew what to think about everything at first.

"What is this thing I picked up, Momma?" "Why, Chloe Jo, that a leaf."

She only sees pine needles in our yard, not many leaves!

"Oooh! This thing looks cool. Maybe I should try to eat it!"After we finished walking around we got back in the car and drove around the rest of the park (the park is on a busy highway so we couldn't walk around the whole thing). We thought this swampy area was neat to drive through.

Then there was this white sand area. The sign called them dunes, but when I think of dunes, I think of the sand dunes in Colorado and this sandy area was very flat. I think it looks like snow in this picture.

So we had a fun day at the park and we are excited to go explore the other state parks in our areea!

Just for fun, I'm throwing in this cute picture of Chloe Jo!As always, thanks for reading and I hope you all are having as good a weekend as we are!

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Courtney said...

Anne of Green Gables! But I don't know the second one. But give me a good Green Gables reference anyday. And can we reflect on the third movie that was made? What a bust. Why deviate from the books? They were so great!