Monday, August 16, 2010

Hard Days

The last couple of days have been a little hard for me. Since everything is slowing down and things aren't so new, I've been really missing my family and Missouri. But I love South Carolina. I actually haven't been this happy in a long time so it's really strange. My Dad sent me an invite to VID which is like Skype and I got to talk to them for a few minutes tonight. Chloe Jo decided to be ultra-cranky and scared of the microphone (we used a Wii mic because the one on the computer wasn't working) so I had to cut the conversation short and put the little miss to bed.

P.S. Brown streaks on the white slide on the kiddie pool equals a pootastrophe. Yuck.


Misty Dawn said...

ROFL I'd been laughing so hard if I saw brown streaks on the slide. Sometimes friendships are emotionally draining and you have to know when to cut loose.

Ashley said...

Oh Facebook drama...I will say sometimes FB just does weird things like that. But it sounds like you may be better off continuing off. Draining relationships just aren't worth the effort, in my opinion. And thanks for the laugh at the end. I also must say that I looked at that same cute water slide/pool and it was still $35 at my Target...great find!

Chelley N said...

Pootastophe... we've had a few of those!

Change/transition is hard, so keep yourself busy and count your blessings daily :-)