Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh my, Frustrations!

Okay, the title doesn't really convey the whole day...just part of it. This morning we got up way too early and travelled to a preaching school here. Their first day was today and Russ wanted to go meet the director and the new students. Ichabod (our GPS...yes, I named him!) had us turning the opposite direction of where we needed to go at one point, but we still made it on time...only because it turned us into a church parking lot that wasn't the church building we were looking for! Chapel service was great. It is so uplifting to see men who are wanting to do the work of the Lord and it really gives us the gumption to continue in this very challenging line of work. Plus, we were the only white people there besides one student. The rest are African American and I love how energetic they are. One man led the songs and it was so cool! It reminded me of when I went on a couple of mission trips to NYC. The congregation that we worked with was an African American congregation and every service is completely uplifting. Well, now that I've written all of that I think I need to think more about that than anything else that happened today! One thing that the director said this morning during his lesson was "The closer you are to God on your knees, the harder it is to fall on your back."

Well, after chapel was over we had to go to another town to the social security office. We had to get a replacement card for Russ because he lost his in the move and we had to file for one for Chloe Jo. We were there maybe 20 minutes. It wasn't bad at all. 20 minutes after we got home I found Russ' missing card. It is so frustrating that we looked and looked for that silly thing and I found it 20 minutes after we got home. We did have to go anyway to get Chloe Jo's card so I guess it wasn't a complete waste. I know we could mail in for it, but Russ needed a letter from them so he could get his license changed over.

Speaking of all that, we got on the DMV website and printed off all the papers to get tags for our cars and to get our new licenses. We made sure we had everything and went up to the DMV with little Chloe Jo (who desperately needed a nap but refused to take one) in tow. We stood in line for less than 10 minutes (again, great!) just to be told we needed to pay state property taxes first at the court house. So we go to the court house and they tell us we need to go to a different building for that. We go to that building and into a room that we thought would be it to be told to go to a different room who then told us to go to a different room. We finally got that straightened out and still couldn't get our licenses or tags because we hadn't changed our insurance over yet. The insurance company we use could transfer us here, but our insurance is $60 higher! So we tried to go with another company, which was cheaper, but they won't insure us until we have South Carolina drivers licenses! It's huge fiasco. Why does it have to be this difficult??? We finally stopped trying to get that done today and are going to try again tomorrow to get insurance here. Once we get our cards then we can get our tags and licenses.

During all of this Chloe Jo got crankier and crankier. I made her take a nap when we got home, but she didn't sleep well at all. Hopefully she will sleep good tonight. We let her play in the pool again tonight. The only bad thing about the pool is that she has to have a bath after playing in it and that has been every day pretty much. I don't usually give her a bath every night because her skin gets really dry and South Carolina hasn't been good for it anyway. Her hands are so peely and I lotion her up several times a day. I'm going to have to try some stronger lotion, I think.

Once we get everything squared away maybe I will get out of my funk. We are having a couple from the church over on Friday evening and I am looking forward to that. We are going to have someone over every week until we have gotten to know everyone in the congregation. It might not be every Friday night because we would love to go to some of the high school football games here, but that is our goal.

That's it for now! Toodleoo!


Joy said...

As a Carolina Girl with a daughter one month younger than Chloe, I can agree that south is not easy on the skin. I found that Aveeno Cream Wash and Moisturize Cream works great. Get the Cream and not lotion. Hope that this helps. Football in the south is so much fun.

Sarah said...

We went through the same thing when we moved from Alabama to Tennessee 4 years ago. I imagine it is harder with a tired baby.

It sounds like you had a great and uplifting service!

Misty Dawn said...

In my experience her in Beaufort County, the tax assessor's office is a zoo. Here you have to pay your property taxes on your vehicle before you can go to the DMV to get your tags. I'm sure each county is diff, but I've been told its the same way throughout SC. Just a heads up!