Friday, May 8, 2009

Wearing My Baby

I love me some baby wearing!
And it looks like Chloe Jo loves it, too! P.S. Before you comment about how this is some new form of cruel and unusual punishment, please note that she isn't crying about being in the sling and the sling is completely mesh around her head for optimal breathing. It also comes equipped with a safety harness so she doesn't fall out.
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Christina said...

I think it's great! You can get stuff done around the house and keep Chloe close to you.

The Dorns said...

Oh no dont let anyone tell you otherwise. Babywearing is attatchment parenting and promotes bonding. Awesome Chloe and you both enjoy it! When she outgrows the sling style wrap look into the Mei Tai wraps I enjoy using those either in the back or hip position.

I Believe in Miracles said...

Slings must not be common where you live... up hear you see them ALL the time.

Looking good!!

melissa said...

Cruel and unusual punishment...are you kidding??? =)

Elijah absolutely loves to be "worn". I have the Maya wrap, which took me awhile to really figure out. But I love it now and rarely leave home without it. It's so much easier than dragging the heavy car seat around. Plus, I wouldn't get much done around the house if I didn't have it. The best invention EVER! I wanted to buy a sling like you have, but I couldn't justify buying another one when the one I had worked fine, and I actually loved. He likes to be upright anyway.

PS...hope you had an amazing first Mother's Day!!!