Sunday, July 6, 2008

Re-Instating the Ban

I wrote about banning the television for three weeks a while back. After the initial ban , which we were able to do just fine, I did really good, but lately I've been watching more and more television again. The problem lies in the arena of Russ being on the job hunt. It's been a month now, and nothing. So when I get home from work every day, the TV is on. I assume it is on most of the day. I guess when you don't have a job, TV is a staple. I don't think that Russ doesn't look for jobs. It's just that most job applications are going online now so there isn't any reason for Russ to go into the stores and fill the application out. Plus, Russ' handwriting is atrocious and they wouldn't hire him if they saw it anyway. So, I am re-instating the TV ban, this time for longer. We are going to go four weeks and I hope this makes a difference in our lives. Our marriage has been a little strained for a while because of the whole trying to have a baby thing and I have high hopes that this will help us reconnect.

Things I can do during the TV ban:

1. Daily Bible Reading. I participated in the "read through the bible in a year" last year and started this year, but lost my chart a few months into it and haven't picked back up since. I know I can catch up so I'm going to start again.

2. Spend more quality time with Russ. We have disconnected lately and we really need to spend more time together talking and be a little more loving towards each other.

3. Scrapbooking. I'm so far behind, it's not even funny and there is no end in sight because I can't stand not taking pictures of everything!

4. Finish other craft projects. I have a cross-stitch that I started in college (6 years ago) that I haven't finished and I have letters that I need to paint for my nephew.

5. Walk more. I walk a ton, but I can always do more.

6. Work more on eating healthy and living healthy. I have slacked off a little due to the fact that I am less than ten pounds away from my goal, so I need to get back on the train. I also need to get more active than I am.

7. Read a book. Reading is fundamental and I would like to read books besides ones about infertility and adoption. I need to freshen up my brain.

8. Clean my house more. I am horrible at keeping my house dusted and uncluttered. I was good about it when we first were married, but I've never been the type to keep it spick-n-span. I need to, though.

9. Teach VBS. I was actually thinking about sitting this year out due to the stressors in my life right now, but I think it would help if I had an important project to dwell on instead of having babies.

10. Clean the car. We just bought our car in December and we haven't cleaned the inside once. We keep the trash and stuff out of it, but as for getting the hand vac and going to town, we haven't.

So, there's my list. I know I can do all these things so I'm going to.

Stay busy Blogger Buddies!

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