Friday, July 25, 2008

Good Things Are Happening!

WOW! I haven't posted in two whole days! Can you believe it? This is a rhetorical question. I don't really want the rude comments some of you are definitely thinking.

This next section may be too much information for you, Jeremy and Dad and other males that may be reading my blog.

I went to see WandBoy and Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tuesday which happened to be cycle day 12 for me. I had four measurable follicles. Three were on the right (WOO HOO! This is the side that we KNOW is open) and one on the left. The one on the left was the runt of the bunch...came in around 11 (?), I didn't quite get the number. The other three were 18, 16, and 12. Good sizes. This excited me because it usually takes until cycle day 16 for my follicles to mature...which isn't a big deal, it's just that I would have had my IUI on a Sunday and then I'd be rushed to either get to church or to leave church. Anyway, so I had blood drawn
to check my LH level. The nurse called me later that day to say that I needed to shoot myself up with the ovidrel around 8:15 p.m. and have Russ's speciman to the clinic at 7:45 a.m. on Thursday. YAY! So exciting.

Funny story about WandBoy
: I was telling him about my hubby's new job in a bank vault. So he starts telling me about this show he saw on Discovery about the U.S. Mint. Now, he is a typical guy and can't multi-task. I had the magic love wand up my coochie and his hand down there and he's not even scanning anything! He's talking about these 6 dimes that were stamped incorrectly, but went into rotation anyway. BTW, they found three of them. Anyway, I just thought that was super comical!

So, I did the trigger shot and went in on Thursday morning to get my IUI. The NP
did the procedure. She's the provider I started with (for my annual) and I love seeing her. I'm a bit more comfortable with her than I am with Obi-Wan Kenobi (of course, I've given him a nickname from Star Wars so I must be pretty comfortable with him, too). I think it's just that she's a woman and he's a fifty year old dude. Anyway, so I walked into the clinic at 7:45 on the dot and plunked the paper sack with the "cup" on the counter and said "I have a speciman!" The receptionist and nurse just looked at me like I was insane. Whatever. I was excited! My hubby gave 110 million swimmers, 40% being motile. YAY for Russ!!! When he did his semen analysis there were only 30 million so I was super excited about the little swimmer counts! BTW, normal is between 20 million and 250 million.

Reasons why this IUI could work:

1. My follicles were mature on cycle day 12 (I don't think this really makes that much of a difference, but it's different than normal for me)
2. I had three follicles on the right side which is the side that definitely has the open tube.
3.Russy had some great counts (I've read on numerous sites that anything over 40 million won't increase your chances so he did good)
4. On the way to the clinic, a momma deer and her twin babies crossed the road in front of my car (not directly in front, I didn't have to slow down or anything). I'm taking this as a good sign...ok, I'm not superstitious, but it was fun to see them.
5. There was a complete rainbow (not one of those half-rainbows) on Wednesday morning when I was going to work. Again, I'm not superstitious, it just reminded me that God is with me even if this doesn't work.

On the work front: I don't think I mentioned this, but the second week of June my co-"worker" decided to go to rehab so I've been holding down the fort by myself. My boss does send one girl down to help out for a couple hours in the morning and evening, but that's really not enough time to get a lot done. Well, I've had a crazy time with the machines being down. I mentioned in a previous
post about one of the mail opening machines catching on fire. We haven't used this machine since. Unfortunately, on Tuesday our other machine broke. The creepy repair guy came and said he had to order a part but that he would overnight it so it would be here on Wednesday morning. That didn't happen. We finally got the machine running on Thursday. The guy who came that day looked at our other machine and got it running, too. Yay for the regional manager repair guy. Well, today the remmittance machine went down. Whatever. When it rains it pours, right!

On the internet front: As you know, I am an internet junkie! My eyes are practically square from staring at a computer screen all day (I realize I am a complete hypocrite about the TV ban thing!). So I found this amazing
site the other day. I'm going to put it on my link list for future reference. I love that it has lots of pictures and great information about infertility.

Ok, this turned out to be a pretty long post, but that's it for now!

See you later Blogger Buddies!


I Believe in Miracles said...

Yeah Lisa!! I've missed you.

I'm glad to hear were in our 2ww together. And it was hilarious to read your blog and read almost the same things I had written about having an IUI on Sunday!! Awesome.

Sorry about work. That's a bummer.

Chelley N said...

Did you say, "Hey Wand Boy, snap snap! This isn't social hour!"? I would have.

If seeing pregnant women give you good luck, I should have 25 kids by now! I'll be praying for a BFP!!!

Nikki said...

Fingers crossed for you Lisa - and I hope for rainbows and twin baby deer vibes for you! Keep us posted with your symptoms over the next 2 weeks!

Melanie said...

I'm so glad your IUI went well!!! YAY for all the swimmers! We'd kill for even half or a third of them. I'll pray that if God willing you'll get your BFP!!!

Courtney said...

YAY Lisa! I'm so happy for you! I know this 2ww is going to be especially hard. We are all here for you! And yay for great spermies!! I really hope this is it for you!

Chelley N said...

I am just saying that if signs mean anything, then I would take a pregnant woman as being a sign of good things. Only it hasn't been for me. I guess it's a little out there!

Anonymous said...

GO RUSS!! Those are great numbers! I love your positive attitude.

I Believe in Miracles said...

Does this 2ww seem to be going faster this time? It seems like it for me.

I think your experience is more typical. When I was getting my biopsy done at the GYN it was just dr and me. When I had my biopsy done at the RE clinic, it was nurse, med asst, dr and resident. Lovely!! I think it's the joys of going to a teaching hospital. :o)

Hope you're doing well. I went for a long walk tonight and thought of you doing your 3 miles... *hugs*

I Believe in Miracles said...

I think the rules go something along the line of check out this link, please: