Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Day, Another Doctor Appointment

I again found myself in the waiting room at the clinic this morning. This is beginning to seem like a never-ending cycle.

Russ had his follow up appointment with Doogie Howser on Monday. He wrote him a script for testosterone patches, which I had told Russ to not get because they could zero out his sperm count. Russ asked Doogie about this and Doogie laughed at him and said he had never heard anything like that. I told Russ not to fill the script until I talked to Obi-Wan about it. So, I told Obi-Wan and he was really irritated that Doogie laughed at Russ and that he tried to treat infertility even though he's a family doctor. Then Obi-Wan suggested that Doogie was an idiot and that we shouldn't go back to him anymore (not in those words, but I got the hint)!

My baseline ultrasound was really cool today. As humans, we have an artery and valve in our pelvis and mine showed up on ultrasound today! WandBoy pointed it out and then pointed out the artery and blood vessel. I could actually see the blood flowing through on the screen. He then turned on the sound and I got to hear the blood flowing. He told me to hold my breath and then let it out. The valve closed when I held my breath and returned to normal when I let it out. WandBoy also pushed on certain points on my leg to show me how he can cut the blood flow off to check for clots. He also let me listen to my heart beat from my pelvis. It was completely fascinating!

My suspicions about treatment were confirmed. Obi-Wan Kenobi came in the exam room for our consultation and he said I have two choices. The first being a laparoscopy to see what is really going on in there. We have many unanswered questions that could be answered with a laparoscopy. He did tell me that my insurance should pay for it because they won't put it under "infertility." He said they can tell them that I have painful periods. Sure, I'll go with that. Minor cramps is a great reason to go under the knife. My other option is go ahead with IUI's. Basically, I can be Obi-Wan's human steak and do the slice and dice or I can be inseminated like a cow. Great choices....no really, I'm thrilled. I wanted to think about it for a cycle, but he wanted to put me on birth control pills during that time and for some reason I completely balk at the idea of being on birth control when we are trying so hard to get pregnant. I decided to do the IUI this cycle and if it doesn't work, to go ahead with the laparoscopy. If insurance doesn't pay for it (and I suspect it won't, they know I'm getting infertility treatment, I can't see them saying, "Oh, she has painful periods? That's all great, go ahead with surgery and we'll cover it") we'll just have to make it work. I'm glad we made the decision and we are moving ahead with a good plan. I just hope it works the way I want it to.

See Ya Blogger Buddies.


courtney said...

I totally agree: inseminated like a cow, or tore up like steak. Makes me hungry!
Good luck with the IUI. Can you tell me, my insurance doesn't cover that either, what is your rough out of pocket cost on that? I'm trying to get some estimates.
Good luck super clomid!

Earl Gearl said...

Super clomid? I love that and I needed that laugh! Obi-Wan didn't give me an estimate for the lap. I will try to remember to ask him about it next Tuesday. It doesn't really matter much with us, though, because the plan is in place and I don't care what it costs...until I get the bill. Then I'll care, but we'll make it work!

Nikki said...

The insurance company will just go by the code on the claim form - if your Doc puts a regular "non IF" code on it, I don't think they will question it.

I had my lap done by my regular OB while I was seeing my first RE, and we did that because the RE was part of a clinic that had the word "Fertility" in it's name itself. So even if they put a normal code it would have sounded suspicious. So I went to my OB and she did my lap for me, and it got covered. (At that time the insurance I had didn't cover any IF treatments)


Earl Gearl said...

Thanks for the insurance insight Nikki! I hope it's covered!

I Believe in Miracles said...

A rock and a hard place. Bummer.