Saturday, July 12, 2008

Paying it Forward

During the last few years of owning my Ford Escort (she was a red 98 zx2 model), there were many times that I had to call someone to come give me a jump. Every other month or so, I had to clean the battery cables because they would get corroded and eventually make the car die. Even though I cleaned the cables religiously, my poor car would still die on me. I had to carry a tool box and a set of jumper cables at all times. In November of last year, my car finally decided to call it quits. Her 2nd gear went out and it would have cost us over $2,000 to replace it with a used transmission that already had 83,000 miles on it. Now, I blame my poor car giving up on the fact that we had put over 60,000 miles on it in the last two years and she was just tired. So we ended up trading her in for a 2007 Saturn Ion, whom we name Shark Bait Ooo Ha Ha. I still carry around jumper cables just in case we meet someone who needs some help. Having been in those shoes numerous times changes the way you trust your cars. My car is new so hopefully I won't have a problem with needing to jump it, but you never know. Plus, we've already had some problems with key got stuck in the ignition, but that's another blog for another time. This afternoon, I got the chance to help someone who was having car trouble. I've helped a few others before, but it's not often that I am able to offer my car and my jumper cables. I am always happy to help having been there way too many times before. So, Russ, Dad, Mom, Chris, Clint, and Graham, I really do appreciate the times you helped me with my old car and just know that I am happily paying it forward.

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