Monday, January 14, 2013

Lisa's Little Lovelies

Hi All!

I hope your weekend was wonderful!

I want to take today to talk a little bit about my shop, Lisa's Little Lovelies.

You can check it out on Etsy or on Facebook. The links are on my righthand sidebar.

I have been having a great time with my little shop! I have had several orders and am very happy with how things are going so far. Right now, I am trying to add inventory to my Etsy shop. I have a few things on there, but I would really like to have about 30 items at any one time. I think having a variety of items will help my sales. I am also looking into buying an embroidery machine. I think not being able to personalize things with embroidery is hurting me so I am hoping to change that in my near future.

I added camera strap covers to my list of items I make back in November.

This is one I made for my sister for her birthday.

My sister liked hers so much that she ordered one for a friend of hers. Another customer ordered one, but I, sadly, forgot to take a picture of it. These are listed for $15.00 in my shop on Facebook. They are custom order only right now. I'm planning to put a few in my Etsy shop soon, though.

These crayon rolls are something I have seen all over the internet so I just had to try to make some! I made a large one that holds 24 crayons (the Care Bears fabric) for Chloe Jo and I made 2 smaller ones (that hold 10 crayons) as gifts.

I love them and I think they are perfect for church services! They are not listed in my shop as of now, but I will make them custom for you.

The last few things are shirts, which are what I am most interested in selling.

This is a shirt that was ordered for a little boy who has a birthday soon. The customer sent me a picture of what they wanted and I took it from there. I love the candle flame!

 This shirt is actually in my Etsy shop. It is super simple, but I really love it and I think a little boy would, too.

These were ordered for a set of brothers. They turned out so good and, more importantly, the customer loved them!

I finished these alligator shirts up this week. They were custom ordered from my Etsy shop. The customer liked the alligator shirt I had in the shop, except it was on an orange shirt and the wrong size. She wanted 2 on pink shirts. I didn't have matching pink shirts in stock so I had to take what I could find so the pinks don't match. I have yet to hear if the customer still wants them. I would be disappointed that they don't match exactly. :(

This shirt was made for a little girl with a birthday coming up. The font is Rockwell Bold and it is my go-to font for numbers or an initial for shirts. I like that it is so wide so that the fabric can have a larger pattern on it.

I made this Mickey Mouse inspired shirt for a little boy that is going to Disney soon. This is another shirt that the customer sent me a picture of what they wanted and I went off of that.

This is a snowman shirt that is in my Etsy shop right now. I really love it because the snowman and the scarf are made out of fleece. I have made a few appliques out of fleece and minky, but haven't gotten may hits on them. I think the cuteness factor gets lost in pictures.

That is all for now! I would love it if you "liked" me on Facebook and shared my shop with your friends! I am really looking forward to hopefully growing my shop this year!

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devonophotography said...

Everything you make is so cute!!!! I love the crayon holder how much do you charge for one? Can you send me am email? I would love to purchase. I also love the Christmas stockings you made, would you make those to sell too?