Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kiev, Ukraine Journal - 3-14-1996 and 3-15-1996

*Disclaimer: Please remember that I wrote these when I was 14! I could be a snarky brat! I also am typing these journals exactly as I wrote them, bad spelling and all, except I have abbreviated names to protect the innocent or not-so-innocent.


At 9 o'clock I met R to go sledding. There has been snow every day this month. And it's usually always snowing. When we got to the hill a military man in a gray long coat and a gray box hat followed us through the path and watched us sled for about 5 minutes. I see those guy's everywhere but this one was more cautious than the rest. He sort of made me a little uncomfortable. I only crashed twice. We found out that if we go on our stomachs we wouldn't be apt to crash. I finally tried the stairs. They are so fun to go down. I flew over the bumps and was at least a foot in the air each time. It was great. When we left and I got to our metro I treated R to some ice cream. Those cones are great. What I don't understand is why do they sell ice cream in the winter? :)


Today we went to the metro at 2:00 and went sledding with C, J, and R. It was fun. I didn't wipe out any. There was a Russian class of boys there on a field trip. We had a huge snowball fight. J, I, and R were the only ones on our team. There were about 12 Russian boys. We beat them anyhow. We clobbered them so badly that they still thought that they won. Then they came back for more. We all started to put them down so all in all we beat the tar out of them. Then when Chelle and I went home, R came with us. She wanted me to spend the night so I hurried around the house getting clothes and cosmetics. But I was a little late. Because Slova called. He is becoming real anoying. After I got off the phone I left with R. When we got to her house we gave ourselves makeovers. We looked like ugly ducklings. For supper we had cheese potatoes and roast beef sandwiches. D is a great cook. During supper we watched the movie Robin Hood with Kevin Costner. Then R and I made brownies. After that the whole family and I watched Apollo 13 until 12:30. The R and I went to bed. :)

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Chelley N said...

Hold the phone! I think you actually enjoyed yourself for these two days!!! Wow :-)