Monday, April 2, 2012

Waiting Game

Chloe Jo and I are settled at my parents house and Russ is in Oklahoma right now. We are just playing the waiting game until closing on our house. Chloe Jo and I were able to go to Oklahoma yesterday to worship with the church there. I am thankful we are close enough to go on Sunday. I think everything went well and we are really looking forward to being able to live there and work with the congregation full time. Soon. Very soon.

I was thrilled to get to hang out with my sister and her family Sunday afternoon. I wanted a picture with Chloe Jo, Brianna and Brenson. This is the best we could do.
Humph. I hope they won't all look like this! And yeah, Chloe Jo opted not to have her picture taken. Can you believe Brenson is only 7 weeks old!?!? He is such a little hoss!

I actually feel like I accomplished a few things today. I took up several pairs of short and a couple of skirts for Chloe Jo. She is so skinny and tall that it is next to impossible for me to find any bottoms that fit correctly. I do love the adjustable waistbands in jeans! Less work for me!
CJ and I also took a trip to Hobby Lobby after going to lunch with Grampy and bought a couple of pieces of fabric. I'm going to sew her 2 summer dresses. I got it all prewashed and I cut the pattern out so tomorrow I will pin the pattern on the fabric and cut it out. After that we will have to see what else I can get done.

Mom, CJ and I took a trip to Big Lots this evening and I found these light blue dishes for our kitchen and a vase for our living room. They are the first decorative things I have bought for our house and I'm so excited about them! They are going to look great in our new house!
One more random thing: our ex-landlord decided to give us back our deposit!!! I am still in shock that I received the check in the mail today. Now I can go buy rugs and towels for our new place. Yay!



Angie said...

Love your new decorative items!!! Must be so exciting to get to decorate a new place. Yay for unexpected money. That must put a smile on your face :)

Anonymous said...

I love the blue dishes!

YAY!!! :D

April said...

That is great about your deposit! The Lord provided! I love the new dishes too!