Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Birthday Party Love

Saturday turned out so fun! We loved celebrating Chloe Jo's birthday with a Strawberry Shortcake themed party!

Here is the cake table. I was so happy with how it turned out. My sister said it was "pinterest-worthy." Um, yeah...best compliment evaaaaaaaah!
I was thrilled with how this banner turned out. It looks hard to read in these pictures, but in real life, it was perfect.
The punch and fruit pyramid turned out great! I have the best punch recipe (it wasn't the normal lemon-lime/ginger ale and sherbert) and we enjoyed it all day Saturday. I'll have to share it soon! And a meat and cheese tray is always a good idea. There was nothing left of this one even though we didn't end up having near as many guests as was originally planned.
And this is the cake I made fore CJ that morning. The girls (CJ and Brianna) were so excited about it. They kept running into the kitchen to stare at it!
I used the same ribbon topiaries I used at the baby shower I threw. I'm so glad I've been able to use them multiple times!
And here is the birthday girl in front of her table. She was so excited about everything!
She was happy to be getting ready to eat cake, but she would have nothing to do with blowing out those candles! Daddy ended up blowing them out for her!
Miss Mess eating her tasty treats.
I think this picture of Daddy and Chloe Jo came out so good! I'm going to have it printed and frame it for his office.
It ended up that we had a very small party when we had planned on having several. None of Russ' family was able to come and we had planned on having some of them. Then on the way to Oklahoma, Mom and Dad had 2 blowouts and Chris had to go rescue them! Mom and Chris made it before we served cake, but Grampy missed the whole party. We were disappointed, but we just had to roll with it! Here is Russ with our little nephew, Brenson.
Cute family picture! Not my favorite, but cute!
We were so happy G-Jo was able to eventually join us. Here she is with ittle Brenson.
And the sweeties in their birthday party attire.
Brianna and Chloe Jo
Chloe Jo and Brianna were very serious when Chloe Jo was opening presents. It really cracked us up!
She was so excited to get a new My Little Pony.
And she has been loving playing with her new Mobigo!
I think everyone had a great time celebrating and, of course, eating cake!

Just for fun, here are some pictures of the besties:

Chloe Jo and Brianna: love this picture!
And I just have to include this one because it is sooooo funny!
I decided to stay at my sister's house this week. Tomorrow we are going to take the kiddies to the zoo.

Only 4 more weeks until closing on our house!!!


Melinda said...

The decorations looked SO cute!!! Great party planning, momma!

April said...

What a sweet party! Love the banner and that cake is awesome. Any little girl's dream!

Ashley said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cake table - it all looks perfect! She's right...very Pinterest-worthy! :) I am trying to decide what to do for Katie's party coming up soon and am hoping to do some cutesy things...guess we shall see! I have a vision - just not sure I have the time and energy to put it into motion! Good job, momma!

Melissa Jane said...

Love the tutu!

Angie said...

That first pic is DEFINITELY Pinterest worthy!!! Everything looked amazing & that cake, OMG are you ever talented. I love Chloe Jo's outfit, she looked darling. I'd say it was a huge success friend. Job well done :)

Lauren said...

Such cute details!! Love the fruit stand :-)