Saturday, March 31, 2012


It's been a while since I've been able to blog. We've had a lot going on. After housing option A fell through, we just didn't find anything else that made sense to us so Chloe Jo and I are going to stay with my parents in Missouri and Russ is going to stay in Oklahoma during the week at a hotel and come up to Missouri on his days off. This is not what we had planned, but it will work for the short time we need. Sometimes you get a plan and it just doesn't go like you want it to. That's just the way it is. I'm trying to stay positive and count my blessings.

Our last Sunday in South Carolina was last week. It was an emotional day for us. We are going to miss the congregation. We made lifelong friends there and it is going to be hard to know we may never see them again during this life. They gave us a potluck after morning services. They did a great job of keeping it quiet because we had no idea! It was nice to know that we will be missed and I hope they know that the feeling is mutual.

Monday was a total fiasco! We were going to pick up the U-Haul at 9:00. Russ went up to the place and the guy who does the U-Haul stuff wasn't there. The employee that was there told Russ to come back at 10:00 because that is when the guy was supposed to be there. We went back up to the place at 10:15 and the guy still wasn't there. We had a few little odds and ends to do so we went back home and finished up all the stuff that needed to be done there. We went back up to the U-Haul place at 11:00 and finally the guy was there. BUT they didn't have the furniture pads we had ordered and no one else in town had them! Talk about being frustrated! We were so irritated. So Russ and our friend, Ken, had to go to a town 45 minutes away to get furniture pads to protect our furniture. We finally got started loading the truck at noon. The rest of the day went pretty smoothly. It was just getting the truck that was the fiasco.

Since our week before moving was so crazy, Russ and I took Chloe for a walk and to the park on Saturday evening. It was a great way to destress during all the craziness of moving!
The flowers in South Carolina are gorgeous right now so we had to pick a few.
We always have to have swing time when we go to the park.
And Daddy helped Chloe Jo practice her gymnastics skills.
She is such a bright little soul in our lives. She is so precious to us!

We got to Oklahoma on Thursday and Russ and Dad unloaded the U-Haul into a storage building and then came on to Missouri. Last night we all headed out to the park for some play time. Chloe Jo loved the park here and I'm glad to know where it is. We will be making many a trip to the park in the coming weeks!

And then today we had a little accident. Word from the wise: even if you are only 30 pounds of skinny little girl, a towel rod will not hold you if you hang on it.
Um...whoops! This was after I had already told her not to mess with the rod.
And this was after the rod was pulled out of the wall and Mommy persuaded Chloe Jo to never hang on it again.
I think I got through to her. :) For real, though...we had been at my parents house for 2 days and already Chloe Jo is being naughty and ruining stuff. Sigh. Grampy has a soft spot for his little Chloe Jo so he wasn't too upset about it.

Here's to hoping the next 6 weeks go by quickly and Chloe Jo doesn't rip anything else out of the walls!


Lauren said...

Good luck with the next few weeks, I'm sure it'll work out just fine :-)

April said...

Glad to hear about your "plan B". I was worried about you all. Hopefully you will find a new place for you all to be together very soon! Home is wherever your family is.

Cheryl said...

I hope your move works out quickly in that you find a house so your little family can be together again. I hope y'all will love Oklahoma because it's a great place to live and raise a family. I live in small town, SE OK and love it here.