Friday, April 6, 2012

1 dress down!

I finished up the first dress for Chloe Jo on Wednesday afternoon. I had good intentions to get the other dress done this week, but I haven't even started cutting the second pattern out. I've just had a few other things going on.

I think the dress is cute. It didn't turn out exactly how I envisioned it. The straps had to be taken up and I had to cut off several inches to make it the right length. I also thought she would be able to wear it without a shirt, but the arm holes turned out so big that she really needs the shirt.

Here is the finished product:
When I showed the dress to Chloe Jo and let her try it on she told me, "I yuv it!" Then after I had put the dress in the closet, she patted my arm and said "You're awright." HA! Where does she get that stuff!?!?
Hopefully I'll be able to get the second dress done next week.

I do have one question for you all. I am seriously thinking about opening up my Etsy shop again. Would you all buy dresses like this? I've been thinking I would sell dresses, blankets and bows. I haven't decided for sure because the last time I tried this it flopped and I won't be doing it until later this year. So what do you all think?


Chelley N said...

I think the dress is adorable!

sell my house said...

The family of Preachmans loks very happy.The dress also very nice.
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April said...

The dress is adorable! If I had a girl I would buy stuff from you. :)

Angie said...

I think the dress turned out cute as can be. You so talented!