Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday fun!

Tuesday, the 10th, was Chloe Jo's 3rd birthday. Since we had a party planned for Saturday, we didn't do much on the actual day. We went to story time at the library in the morning and then Grampy took us to McD's for lunch and ice cream. Chloe Jo and I then did a little bit of grocery shopping in the afternoon. After supper, I let her open 2 of her gifts from Daddy (who, sadly, couldn't be here for the day) and I.

I think she was happy to be getting a couple of presents!
She loves ice cream so we gave her a Little People ice cream truck!
She also opened a set of Strawberry Shortcake lipglosses and nail polishes. She is obsessed with chapstick so she thought they were great!
She, of course, had to have birthday desert again!
After bath time I painted her nails with her new Strawberry Shortcake nail polish. She wasn't so sure about sitting in the chair until they dried, but she eventually decided that was ok to have pretty nails.
We had a great day on her birthday!

Up next: The Strawberry Shortcake birthday party!
Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...


Melinda said...

THREE?! She is such a big girl now!!! Happy Birthday, pretty girl!

Angie said...

Aww she's just precious!
Cant wait to hear all about the party :)

April said...

Awww....she looks so excited about her birthday stuff!

Janet said...

Happy Birthday Sweet CJ! My girls LOVE nail polish too! But we have the same situation where they won't sit still long enough for it to dry. Sally Hansen makes an AWESOME quick dry polish. Two minutes and it's totally dry. Just a suggestion! Still can't believe our kiddos are 3 already. Seems like just yesterday we were doing fertility treatments. Oh how time flies!!!