Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Yep, folks!

It's the middle of the week and that means it is time for:
I have lots of things I'm loving today so here goes!

I'm loving that Chloe Jo's birthday is next week! How can she be turning 3 already!?!? We are having a birthday party for her next Saturday and I'm looking forward to making her cake and decorating!

I'm loving that I've been getting some sewing done lately. I don't have pictures right now of the dress for CJ I am working on, but they'll come soon. I'm hoping to get one dress done today and get the pattern cut out for a second dress.

I'm loving that we are counting down to our closing date for the house! I can't wait to move in and make this house our home (if all goes well)!
I'm loving that Chloe Jo and I went to story time at the library yesterday! The library where we lived in South Carolina did not have story time so we have really missed it. We both had a great time and will definitely be going again next week!
I'm loving how much we have been able to play outside lately! It's been hot, but not unbearable so we have taken advantage of it. Of course, it helps when Grampy is outside to play with!
I'm loving getting to shop for decorations and things for our new home! I'm trying to get most of the small things we need while I'm here in Missouri so we will have it when we move in. I have picked out fabric for curtains for the dining room, but will not get it until we get window measurements after we move in. I'm excited to decorate the space! Here are the things I bought this week:
Happy Wednesday, ya'll!

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Angie said...

I can totally understand why your excited about the new home. What a fun time in your lives!

Yay for storytime. Our local library offers it and I really need to get my little one involved :)

Have a nice week!

Lauren said...

Yay for looking forward to your closing date, so exciting :-)

Laura said...

Stopped by from the link up. :) CUTE new house...hope it all works out!

Sarah said...

Hurray that the closing date is coming up! Hope your weekend is going well!