Thursday, April 19, 2012

Zoo Day!

Last Friday my sister asked if Chloe Jo and I would like to stay with them for the week. Her husband, Chris, was scheduled to go out of town for work and she thought it would be great to spend some time together. I thought that was a great idea so we stayed. We had a great week with my sister and her family and we got back to my parents house this morning.

My sister takes her kiddies to a Bouncing Beethoven's class on Tuesday mornings so Chloe Jo and I tagged along. We had so much fun! It took CJ a little while to warm up, but I know she had a great time. It was so fun, even for the adults!

Wednesday morning we decided to take the kids to the zoo. We had a great time on our outing and I am so glad we were able to do that. The best part is the my sister's family and our family were gifted year long zoo memberships. I see many more of these outings in our future!

The girls were very excited to be going to the zoo!
It was a gorgeous day for a zoo outing. The temperature was perfecto!
I love this picture! I have one of me doing the exact same thing from several years ago! I have to find it!
I am so proud of this picture! I took it through glass, with a flash, while this dragon was being crazy and running around all over the place. His forked tongue is sooooo creepy!
Love the aquariums!
No zoo trip is complete without getting a picture of the flamingoes!
The girls really wanted to ride the train so we obliged. They had a great time! This is my sister, Chelley, and her kids, Brianna and Brenson.
And we had to get a mommy and me picture, too!
My precious. She always keeps me on my toes!
Miss Brianna enjoying the train ride.
Both of the girls really liked the bear. This guy was very active. He would walk around, then sit down, scratch himself, swat off flies...kind of reminded me of a man! HA!
Chloe Jo said her favorite animals of the day were the zebras. She was fascinated by them.
Mr. Brenson-man was pretty happy most of the time. I love this picture of him! His dimples are oh-so adorable!
The giraffes are always one of my favorites. My most favorite animals at the zoo are usually the penguins, but they were very inactive during our trip so they got demoted!
This was the best we could do with my sister and her kids. HA! Brianna is just at that age where she will. not. smile on command and Brenson is...well...9 weeks old and fussy here.
Gorgeous animals! Love.
We had a great time at the zoo and we are looking forward to another zoo day soon!

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