Monday, March 12, 2012


Last week was pretty insane for us and it has just continued into this week. I'm starting to think I need to start packing because we are moving in TWO weeks. YIKES! How did that creep up on us so fast!?!?

Last week we left Monday morning to drive to Oklahoma to go house hunting. That is a long trip and I'm so glad that we only have to do it one more time. We made an appointment to look at 7 houses on Wednesday. I think we actually looked at 9 because we added a couple at the last minute.

Here we are ready to go meet the realtor to look at houses!
We left Chloe Jo with her auntie and cousins for the day. We walked into one house and ended up looking at it 2 more times on Wednesday and then looked at it again on Wednesday with my Dad in tow. I am so glad my Dad was able to come to see the house we liked. Once we got his approval, we were ready to put in an offer! We negotiated back and forth a couple of times and finally came to an agreement! This is the house we will, Lord willing, move into in May.
We are so thrilled to be in a contract. We are getting everything together for the home insurance and inspections this week. We are also trying to get all the loan stuff squared away. I hope everything goes smoothly and we really do get to move into this home!

And the other great thing about this trip was that we got to meet our new little precious boy! Here I am with my sweet nephew Brenson!
Eeek! Isn't he soooooooo precious!?!?
Kissee! Kissee!

And did I get any pictures of Chloe Jo and her cousins together? Nope! Bad Lisa!

I am so ready to get moved and for our life to slow down a little bit!


Lauren said...

Good luck, what a beautiful home!

April said...

Looks like a nice place! Hope everything goes smoothly for you!