Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday and Oh, How Pinteresting!

It's the middle of the week and that means it is time, once again, for What I'm Loving Wednesday and Oh, How Pinteresting!

I love Wednesday's because I have built in blog fodder!
I'm loving that we are moving in less than 2 weeks. It is a stressful time, but I'm trusting that this is a great move for us and that we will be very happy in our new location.

I'm loving that moving in 2 weeks also means we can finally get away from our awful landlord. He has been the worst. To top everything off, he has decided to keep our whole deposit. We talked to him about breaking our lease and he said it was fine because our home would rent easily. Then last week he told us that he is keeping our deposit "to take care of the time that no one would be in the place." If he had said because we were breaking the lease, that would be understandable. But, he is just greedy and doesn't want to give us our money back. Anyway, moving on from that!

I'm loving that we are getting everything together to be homeowners! Eek!
(The beautiful home we are in a contract for)

I'm loving that we are planning to have a big 30th birthday bash/housewarming in August! Russ and I both turn 30 at the end of the month so it is a perfect time to celebrate!

I'm loving my sweet daughter. She is such a book worm!
("Ooh! A train!")

I'm loving this ginormous stack of newspaper Russ brought for me to pack with! I had been hoarding newspapers since we came back from Christmas break and Russ threw them all out, thinking he was helping. BTW, that is so funny because I am a very tidy person and I don't keep random piles of junk around the house so I don't know what he was thinking. HA! Anyway, so I asked him to find me some more newspaper and he went to the local office and they gave him this stack of old papers. Oh my! Overkill much? We don't have that much stuff!
I'm loving that I started packing yesterday. I didn't get very far, but again, we don't have that much stuff.
I'm loving our local McDonald's. How pathetic is that? It was redone last November and I hadn't been until a few weeks ago. They have a great play area that Chloe Jo loves and they have 3 touch-screen computers for anyone to play games on. We kind of like hanging out there now.
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This week I am going to show you all some of the crochet things I have pinned and am planning to get to sometime in the future.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

I love these adorable owls. I'm not sure what you would do with them, but I need to make a few!

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

I'm so loving leg warmers! I want to make a pair for me and a few pairs for Chloe Jo. I guess I waited a little too long to make them because it is getting too warm for them now.

I love this heart garland. Um, missed Valentine's Day, though.

Eek! I just think these are soooo cute!

I'm sure my new nephew needs this for next winter!

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw how exciting about your new home! Love it!

Btw- if you are interested in the pillows I posted on my blog today I just posted a link to the etsy shop for them!

Lauren said...

Super exciting that you are almost homeowner's love those cute pins too :-)

Chelley N said...

Your McD's looks like so much fun! Cute photos of CJ reading!

Cheryl said...

Good luck on the move and the new house! I hope you find some time to do those cute crafts too!

Ashley said...

I love those cute leg warmers, if only I could pull them off!

Good luck with the move :)

Alyssa said...

What a beautiful home! Such an exciting time for you guys, I'm sure! :)

Holly said...

Ack! I would be annoyed with my landlord too, if that happened to me! :/

I love the crocheted owls - I think they look like Christmas decorations to me! Either that or little tags to decorate gifts, maybe? :)