Sunday, March 4, 2012

Baby Shower Success!

Whew! I am so glad to get the baby shower over with! Don't get me wrong...I loved planning it. It's just a little crazy around our house right now so it's nice to have that done.

I think everything came out great and it was a huge success! I am only posting pictures of the decorations and one of Chloe Jo because I didn't ask if anyone cared if I put their picture on here.

I was so happy with how the cake table looked. I think it turned out perfect!
I dragged the rocking chair from the nursery into the shower room for the guest of honor. It's the most comfortable chair in the church building!
I made 9 of these and hung them in 3 of the corners of the room (the fourth corner is where the door opens so I wasn't able to put them there). They were so easy to make! I wish I had realized just how easy ages ago!
And here is Chloe Jo enjoying her cake. She was so excited about this "party" and had a blast! She's not going to know what to do when it is her birthday and she gets to open all the presents and cry if she wants to!


Lauren said...

Looks amazing, you did such a great job with everything :-)

April said...

It looks great! love the pompoms too!

Melissa Jane said...

Wow, that looks so great!

Nicole-Lynn said...

It looks so nice! Love all the pink!