Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday and Oh, How Pinteresting!

Is it the middle of the week already?!?!? How did that happen!?!?
I'm loving that we are moving in less than a week! I'm ready to get back to the midwest and be able to see my family more!

I'm loving dreaming of decorating our *hopefully going to be if everything works out* new house! I can't wait to get my hands on this living room!
I'm loving that I almost got everything done that I had planned to do yesterday. I finished packing up the bedrooms, the hall closet and the living room except for the media cabinet. The thing I didn't do was finish the laundry. I always start out good in the morning, but wimp out by the evening.

I'm loving that Chloe Jo has slept late yesterday and today. It's 10:30 and she is still in bed. Of course, she has had some very rough nights waking up so she needs this sleep!

Today I am going to show you some of the pins that I am using as inspiration for our new living room!

First, I need throw pillows for our sectional. Using the same throw pillows your couch came with is a designing sin!

I'm envisioning big, fluffy ones like this:

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

I may need to make just one with our initial. I like this pillow except for the font. I think it needs to be a little more grown up for a living room.

This fabric would be perfect for a couple of the pillows.

The walls in the living room, dining room and kitchen are the green in the picture above. I do not want to paint it so we are going to leave it. I am wanting to use light blue accent pieces in the rooms. Here are a couple of my inspiration pins.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

And just because I think these are super cool, I am going to hopefully put a terrarium somewhere in my living space.

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday!

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Lauren said...

Love all your pins, enjoy decorating :-)

Kit said...

Great pins

Jamie said...

Great finds. They all look so comfy.