Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring/Summer Outfit

I have a lot of fabric scraps leftover from various projects I've done. The other day I was looking through them and figured out that I had just enough of my favorite pieces to make Chloe Jo and skirt and matching shirt. I chose this pattern from the Fleece is Fun blog. While I think the pattern is totally cute, I kind of hate it. I didn't use a fabric with any stretch this time, but I actually used fleece the last time I made this skirt. The pattern has a drop waist that I just don't like. It is too tight even with fabric that has stretch. Luckily, my Chloe Jo is a skinny little miss thang so she will be able to wear it for a while. I had said I wouldn't use that pattern after the first time I made it and forgot. Now I really won't use the pattern again. At least she has a cute outfit to wear for now!
I chose to applique cherries on the shirt. I think they came out adorable and am very happy with it!
It was a little chilly the day she wore it so I had her wear her cute pink tights. A little overkill? Probably. But she's a kid so she can get away with it!
And I've been loving putting her hair in pigtails! I took her to get her mullet cut off in December and it has finally grown back out enough to put in pigtails. So cute!

I have some ribbon that coordinates with the main fabric of the skirt so I'm going to make Chloe Jo a hair bow out of that. Stay tuned for my hair bow tutorial!

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Ashley said...

So cute!! And the skirt looks adorable! When you do appliques, do you just cut the design out and use the sewing machine to sew it on? Or do you do the iron on stuff first and then sew? Love!