Friday, October 21, 2011

Who's your daddy?

Chloe Jo has recently been pointing at people and calling them Daddy and Mommy. I'm not sure why she does this because she clearly knows who we are. She doesn't do it all the time...just sometimes and only with certain people. It cracks me up because the people she chooses sometimes are so crazy. Like calling Justin Beiber Daddy. Um...not quite, dear. Not quite. Now most of the time, the people she will point at will look somewhat like us. Tall with dark hair for Daddy and tall with dark blonde hair for Mommy. And then there are days like last night.

We were watching Star Trek: Voyager (and she was liking it until the aliens started a battle!) and she saw Neelix.
To which she promptly pointed at and said "Daddy!" Bahahahahaha! Of all of the people on the show, she chose Neelix. She didn't choose the humans. She chose the Talaxian.

And then she saw Seven of Nine...
and said "Mommy!" I think I got the better end of the deal with this one. At least she is human (albeit with cybernetic implants, but human nonetheless). Plus, Jeri Ryan (the actress) did a lot of modeling work in the beginning of her career so she is beautiful by the worlds standards.

I'm sure Chloe Jo does this to be funny. And it works. She cracks me up!

I just wish she would stop calling Voyager a boat.
Spaceship. Say it with me. Spaceship.


Janet said...

This is hilarious. I thought my girls were the only ones who did this. With my girls... well, I guess they say love is blind...because Addison saw a picture of Eva Longoria and said Mommy! Too funny!

Ashley said...

Loved the title of the post...and then I read it..HILARIOUS! What a hoot. Katie did that today at Target, except she thought it was one of the grandmoms and got super excited.

Chelley N said...

Bahahaha! I love who she called daddy!