Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday
And you know what Wednesday means!
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Today I'm loving our annual family trip to the pumpkin patch! More to come on that later!
I'm loving the 3-year Bible reading plan Chloe Jo and I started! You can find it {here}.
I'm loving eBay!
Chloe Jo was given two pair of Gymboree tights in the last few weeks. I didn't have the corresponding outfits to go with them and they are past lines so Gymboree didn't have them either. I got on eBay and found the outfits. I bid on them and have won and paid for one. I have to wait a few days to know if I won the other outfit. Crossing my fingers!
I'm loving all of the sewing I've finished recently. I have one more piece of fabric that I need to decide what I'm going to make with and then I have another project in my head (this one isn't for Chloe Jo!). I heart sewing!
I hope you all are having a fabulous week!


Melinda and Jonathan said...

Love all the sewing projects!! I wish I could sew.

Janet said...

I'm a little jealous of your amazing creativity. I would love to learn how to sew....better yet, i would love to be able to find the time to sew! CJ is getting so big!

Andrea said...

Hey Lisa,
I love your craft and sewing projects and I was wondering where did you find Chloe Jo's blank shirts? I want to do my first appliqued shirt and I need some blanks and love the ones with the "ruffle" edges.


Lisa said...

Andrea, I get most of them from Wal-Mart. Whenever they have the blank shirts, I stock up. I have also bought them from The Children's Place.