Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beach Fun

My sister and her family flew to South Carolina on Friday. Chris is going to work a few days here and Chelley and Brianna took the opportunity to come stay with us. We have been having a great time! They arrived at our house late Friday night so we didn't have time to do anything on Friday, but we decided to go out to North Myrtle Beach on Saturday. The girls had so much fun! Chloe Jo still didn't love the sand, but she tolerated it this time.
I think Brianna's excitement helped Chloe Jo be excited, too!
I enjoyed hanging back, taking pictures and picking up seashells. I loved that there weren't very many people on the beach and that it was a little chilly out. That is a perfect beach day to me. I don't care much about getting in the water (especially after Russ said he saw fins - Eek!).
I love pictures like this. Chloe Jo had not quite decided about the water at this point.
It didn't take Brianna long to figure out what her favorite part was. :)
And, of course, we had to have a family beach picture!


Janet said...

Love the very last picture of your family. Beautiful!

Ashley said...

LOVE the family pic!!! So cute! Have fun with your sis there!