Thursday, October 13, 2011

Crafting with my sister

While my sister was here, she had a couple of projects for me to "help" her with. Usually it ends up me making the project and her watching, but that was not the case this time! Anyway, she loved the mobile I made for Chloe Jo's room and wanted to make one for her bambino on the way. This is the one I made for Chloe Jo back in the spring. If you are interested in making one, there is a tutorial for it in the tutorials section at the top of the page.
Chelley liked a lot of the paper that I had used for Chloe Jo's mobile. I had some of it left so she used it for Brenson's mobile. We thought it turned out so great!
Isn't it funny how both mobiles are made out of {mostly} the same paper, but they are so different! The ribbon made all the difference in making them feminine and masculine.

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moderndaywife said...

Those are so adorable!!!! :-)