Saturday, January 17, 2009

Long Time No Post

I feel like I haven't posted in forever....ok, it's only been since Tuesday, but when you post almost everyday that is forever. I've had a very busy week and haven't had internet access or anything at work so haven't been able to get on.

My new job is going wonderfully. I originally didn't ever want a position in customer service because I would have to *gasp* talk to customers. I apparently had said this to a few people because they told me that they were very surprised when they found out that I was coming upstairs. It's actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I am going to have to change my way of thinking and just realize that people can't budget and they have a hard time with money. It's ok. It's what makes the world go around. I will have a lot of leeway to use my own discresion about whether to make payment arrangements or not. I think that is going to be the biggest problem for me. There really is no black and white in customer service and I like black and white rules. I keep getting told that I'll do a good job and I don't want to disappoint anyone so I am going to do my best.

I had a meeting with my big bosses yesterday. They wanted to do a quick orientation. I actually had the same meeting when I was hired as a data coordinator, but I was happy to have a refresher in everything. Though, now that I've been an employee for a while I felt a lot more relaxed and was able to let my true personality shine through which they seemed to like. I love not being nervous about meetings. I find that if I just act the way I'm supposed to and do what they tell me to do, I have no problems with the higher ups. One thing they did mention was getting a mentor. I racked my brain trying to figure out who I could choose to be my mentor. I don't know many of the people on first floor that well so I couldn't think of anyone. Then when I was home last night I was thinking about it again (I know I take things way seriously and have to mull them over in my brain for hours) and a light bulb went off in my head. Duh! I already have a mentor. It's Penny, my old boss. I just love her and if I need to ask a question about work or about whether I should do something or not work related, I usually go to her first. Penny, if you read this, thanks for being an excellent mentor! It's funny how you have these people in your life and you never give them a specific title until something like this happens. I didn't even realize that was what was happening until Steve (big boss) told me to get a mentor. I don't know if he meant me to take that as seriously as I did, but I do have one.

I actually moved up on Tuesday....sort of. I had given a girl a crash course in how to do remmittance processing and I was down there several times on Tuesday to help, but I did get to sit with my trainer for most of the day. I love my trainer. She seems extremely nice. I wish I had gotten to know her better sooner. We have much of the same personality and I love talking with her. Training is supposed to last for four to six weeks. Since I've been with the company, I've done some odds and ends in the program they use so I'm not going into this completely blind which is nice for me, nice for the company and nice for the people who are training me. I don't feel completely overwhelmed and knowing that I have four to six weeks to learn everything gives me a feeling of control.

That girl I used to work with (she no longer deserves a name or even Coworker title) has decided to come back to work. I know that I'm being petty and immature, but I just couldn't bring myself to go down there and talk to her. I was also protecting her because I'm a camel and my back has been broken by her. I can get firey and I knew that if I went down there I wouldn't be able to hold my tongue. I thought it best to avoid the situation completely. She did walk through the call center. I think it was just to be nosey and see where I was sitting because I never had a reason to walk through there. She said hi and asked how I was and I gave her a very short answer. I didn't even want to talk to her. I hate it that I feel so much contempt towards her. I need to get over it, but for what ever reason that is easier said than done. I am very bad about holding grudges. It's something that I have been working on and I still struggle with it. I then ran into her on the fourth floor going to the main break room. I hate it when you are in a long hall and someone is walking towards you. I never know where to look. And it's even worse when it is someone you feel some contempt for. Anyway, I didn't say anything and she proclaimed how big my tummy is getting and that I look really good. I just said thanks and walked on. What I wanted to (and family will be proud of me that I held my tongue) was "well if you would bother to show up to work half the time, you would have been able to see it grow". My thoughts are so rude!

In other news, I've lost a pound this week. I went this whole week working out every day. I was able to jog last night for 25 minutes (not straight, I had two breaks). I just can't believe my stamina is still that good after going 4 months without working out. I'm so glad I started it again. I feel so much better and I'm not having as much lower back pain now. I do get it some when I sit in an uncomfortable chair for too long, but that's about it. I think the worse thing is when I sleep at night. My hips always ache in the morning for a little while. It may be a blessing because it causes me to get up earlier when I really want to sleep in or get up and not be rushed for work.

The school where Russ graduated from started their Monday evening classes this past Monday. I've been the IT support for a few semesters and love taking the classes. I had taken them for credit at the beginning, but didn't last semester and won't this semester. With Chloe coming in April, we won't be finished so I will be missing a few classes. They are broadcasted and stored on the internet so I could go back and watch the classes I missed, but I seem to do a lot better in the live environment. Less distractions. Plus, I'll have a baby and won't pay attention that much more. I know these are excuses and I should take them for credit. I'm such a whiner. The classes this semester are 1st and 2nd Corinthians, the Psalms, and Hermeneutics. I enjoyed class on Monday and I know I will continue to enjoy them. Dad is the evening school director and has already decided that when Chloe comes Mom can watch her next semester so I don't have to stop going. Actually, it's really so I can continue recording so he doesn't have to do it, but that's fine with me if we can do that. The only problem with that plan is that the classes start at 6:30 which is the time Mom gets off work most days so Dad will have to watch her until she gets to the school. Dad doesn't usually like to watch baby's alone and if she's fussy he definitely won't like that! Either way, it'll work out some how.

I forgot to post my TP Thursday again. As of Thursday I was 26 weeks 6 days and 9 1/2 squares round. I'm obviously growing and Chloe is making herself known. I love watching her move around. I can see it on the outside now and it's hilarious! I do think her little head is in my ribs because my posture has gotten a lot better. If I slouch over I have a lot of pain in my ribs on the right sides so I'm pretty sure some little body part is up there. I think it's adorable so I don't care in the slightest!

That's it for now. I know this got really long and is probably going to bore some of you to tears, but I had a lot to say since I haven't posted since Tuesday. I hope you all have a great weekend!
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Ashley said...

Thanks for the great update! I had been looking for one :)

courtney said...

Wow, 26 weeks already, Chloe is going to be here soon! Yeah!

Ang said...

I can't wait to see your "Chloe" better get pictures on quick..because I'll be checking daily..and secretly I am hoping she is either born on my Chloe's birthday April 13th..or mine April 18th..haha

Anonymous said...

I am honored to be thought of as your mentor (and friend). My cubbie is always open to you!

You'll do just GREAT!