Friday, January 30, 2009

Doctor Appointment Update

I had a doctor appointment this morning that included my glucose tolerance test. I have heard that the drink you have to drink for the test is awful and how it makes a lot of women gag or throw up. The stuff they gave me to drink was pretty good. It just tasted like sprite and I had no problem drinking it. I thought I might have an issue since I don't drink soda's, but it was a non-issue. I went straight to the lab when I got to my doctor's building to get my blood drawn. I have never had someone draw blood from the left arm, but the girl doing it today decided that was what she wanted to do. Stupidly I said okay. She poked....then she moved it....then she poked further....then she rolled it....finally, she did get the vial needed. By that time, my hands were both clenched (which I'm sure is just so great when you are trying to have blood drawn) and I was a little red in the face. I'm actually glad that I had to drink the sugary substance after that because I needed it.

Everything went very well during the appointment. There wasn't any protein in my urine. My blood pressure was good (or at least they didn't say anything about it). I did have to weigh 3 times because according to the scale today, I have lost 7 pounds. Do you remember that the last time I was in, the scale said I had gained 14 pounds in 4 weeks? Well, I told my nurse that I thought the last weigh-in was very wrong and that I haven't lost 7 pounds. She had me weigh twice and then my OB had me weigh while he was in there. Fun, fun! He just said okay and moved on. He did have a little bit of trouble finding her little heart beat. She was quite active after the sugar drink making it difficult for him to get a consistent beating. He did finally find it and everything was great. I got my rhogam shot at the end of the appointment. Youch! That one hurt a bit.

After that, I had to go back to the lab to get my blood drawn a second time for the end of the glucose test. It went much more smooth that time because I asked the girl to take it out of my right arm. Low and behold, no problems with that arm.

All in all, it was a good appointment. I came out of there with a hole in each arm from the blood draw and a hole in my left buttcheek from the rhogam shot. I have finally come to the point where I have to go every two weeks instead of four. That is really exciting. This pregnancy has just flown by and I can't wait to meet our little girl.
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Hollie said...

Glad you are doing well. I think your weight is ok and that you probably didn't gain 14 lbs. last time.