Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I'm trying to play catch-up! This, year...has been so crazy!

I can't believe Chloe Jo is 4 and that she is starting preschool in the fall! Back in April, we went to the school to enroll her!

Looking so big on the way!

I really wanted to get a picture in front of the school...she was not thrilled about that, though!

They had enrollment set up in the Primary school gym. There were several tables you had to go around to that collected different things. The first table took your basic information (name, address, emergency contacts, etc.), another table took your immunization records, another gave you information about lunches, etc. CJ was great at the first couple of tables, but the more we went around, the more overwhelmed she became. By the last table (where we met one of the preschool teachers) she was crying hysterically.

Yeah, this is going to be fun.

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April said...

Aww poor thing! She will adjust! I bet preschool will be a big growing experience for both of you. I can totally see my little guy being the same way though. Change is just hard sometimes.