Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday Extravaganza Part 2

My 29th birthday was on Tuesday. It started off a little something like this:
Chloe Jo was not in the best of moods and she definitely didn't want to sit in her chair to help me open my presents. Speaking of presents, my birthday present was supposed to be my brand spanking new computer we bought earlier this month. Russ just loves to ignore everything we decide about gift giving, though. Mostly, he ignores the budget. I guess since I'm on the good end of this, I really shouldn't complain. :)

Chloe Jo finally cheered up when Daddy got the presents out and she decided to be all cute and give me kisses. I'll take them anytime!
She then helped me open my presents.
Russ gave me a much desired tripod for my camera. Although, if my camera is going to keep taking insanely blurry pictures (no fingerprint on the lens this time!), then I may not need the tripod because I'm going to smash the camera.
After opening gifts I put a peach dump cake in the oven (recipe for that coming soon!). While we waited for that to bake, I got out a bunch of games. Russ normally doesn't like playing games at all and I love playing games all the time so this is one of the few times he will play with me. We never did get to Life. I have plans for that this evening. *evil grin* The Barrel of Monkeys was for Chloe Jo to play with while we played the other games.
Once we got done playing games, we dug into the dump cake. Topped with Blue Bunny Homemade Vanilla Ice! Peach cobbler/pie/dump cake is my favorite!
Earlier in the day, Russ had to take our one and only car back to the shop. Monday was a fiasco in that they said it was fixed, but it wasn't. They didn't even test drive it and they acted like we were retarded. Lovely. We finally got the truly fixed car back around 4:30 and Russ took me to big town next door for supper. I love not having to cook sometimes! Here we are before going out to supper.
We were going to go to Red Lobster, but since they stopped making their sweet and spice salmon, I'm not a big fan anymore. If I could go in and just have cheddar bay biscuits and mashed potatoes I would be a happy camper. We eventually decided on our favorite Mexican restaurant where Chloe Jo decided to not like the camera again.
I will definitely use that to tease her later.
Dinner was delicious. We followed that up with a trip to Toys R Us where we bought Chloe Jo Dora's Ballet Adventures and then to Big Lots where I bought a few scrapbooking supplies.

The evening was ended with a trip to Rita's. Love their ice!

I have to be honest that I had been pretty down about this birthday. It's the last year before I turn 30. I had a life plan and according to that, I need to have 2 more babies, buy a house and finish a degree in the next year. Obviously that isn't going to happen and I was pretty depressed about it. Then the birthday came and went and I realized that it doesn't matter. We can buy a house in our 30's and it be perfectly fine. I probably won't ever go back to school. As for the babies thing...well, that's up to God and I'm trying to trust in His plan (even though it is incredibly difficult to let go of my own plans).

And there you have it.


Kelsey said...

Happy Birthday! I too am a little depressed about turning 30, but everyone I've talked to thats been in the same boat says 30s are great! And I agree, you CAN buy a house in your 30s. That seems like a perfect time :)

Melissa Jane said...

1. My hubby ignores the budget also. *glances around to see that no one else see that* Lol. He thrives on spoiling me apparently. Which is awesome...until we never get to have our own house, like you said!
2. I have a feeling I'm going to be saying the exact same thing as you when I'm 29!
3. Happy Birthday!!! Again. Lol.

Alicia_B said...

Happy Birthday! It's true the 30s have been great for me (way better than my 20s) - I turn 34 on the 11th.

Chelley N said...

The way Chloe has her head in her hands when she doesn't want to take a photo is so funny! Silly girl.

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday!
I'm glad you had a good day, I love how you document everything. I need to get better at that.
As for 30...I am 32 and loving it. I think 30s are much better than your 20s. Mostly because you have your own experience to draw on, and you get a little more respect from the older crowd (that's the over 50 crowd in my book. I think somewhere around 50 you become an actual adult. Until then you're just a young adult. Ha.)
I was wondering about you guys trying to have more kiddos. You mentioned getting rid of baby stuff in another post, and I thought maybe that meant you're finished. Either way, your family is beautiful and it seems like you really have a lot of fun with CJ (who is adorable).
Happy Birthday yet again!

Lisa said...

Courtney, I did get rid of all CJ's baby stuff. I kept a few sentimental items for her, but the rest of it I donated. Every time I saw any of it, I would feel so defeated and my heart hurt. We'll just buy new stuff if we ever have another baby.