Saturday, September 17, 2011

New Clothes

I finally put my scrapbooking supplies away. I made it though August 2007. I'm happy with the progress I made and I plan on getting it back out when I'm done with a few other projects. I've been trying to get Christmas presents made so I've been doing a lot of that type of thing. I also have a few plain shirts that I am wanting to applique on for Chloe Jo. Here is Saturday's project.
The t-shirt is from Children's Place and I had bought it a long time ago for $0.99. I also had the jeans for a long time. They are from Wal-Mart and are Faded Glory brand size 24 months. I have been waiting for CJ to grow into them since she was 18 months old. Never happened. They are still too big in the waist and now they are too short. The fabric is just some from my stash.

The first thing I did was take in the jeans. I would have just put them in goodwill, but I love these jeans. They are sparkly! I'm a sucker for sparkly toddler clothes.

And here is what I came up with!
I'm thrilled with how this adorable outfit turned out! I chose to applique a vest on the shirt and put real buttons on it and added a ruffle out of the vest fabric to the jeans.
I love it and the jeans fit her great now! CJ had just woken up so she wasn't exactly thrilled to be having her picture taken. I'm confident she likes the outfit, too, though. :)


Kimberly said...

You are one talented/creative girly!

I'm sure that little Chloe Jo is quite an inspiration, though! She is just precious!

Happy Saturday!

Jennifer said...

what a great way to lengthen pants. My son has the same problem with pants. I wish I could sew but then again ruffles would look funny on a boy.

Chelley N said...

That IS a great way to lengthen pants. Is it sad that every outfit I see of CJ's, I think, "Hmmm, I wonder if we'll inhereit that?" :-)

Ten Cow said...

How adorable!! What a great idea!