Friday, September 9, 2011

Noodle Necklaces!

Last week, Chloe Jo and I made noodle necklaces together. We had such a fun time doing this that I want to share how we did it. This is an activity that a young child can help with so it was right up our alley.
You will need:
Noodles with a large hole.
Food coloring (the liquid kind)
Rubbing Alcohol
Yarn or some kind of string
4 bowls
A fork or strainer
The first thing I did was pour the rubbing alcohol into the bowls. Then Chloe Jo helped me squeeze the food coloring in each bowl. You will need to stir this mixture up.
Chloe Jo dropped noodles into each bowl until the liquid was full.
You don't want to put too many noodles in because if they aren't covered by the liquid they will not dye correctly.
Then we waited 20 minutes for the noodles to dye.
I picked up the noodles with a fork and laid them on a towel to dry. You can also just dump them into a strainer (which would be easier...if only I had thought of that before I used the fork!). They needed more time than I had originally anticipated to dry.
After they are dry, help your little one string them on the yarn to make a necklace!
Chloe Jo loved this activity!
And, of course, I loved doing this with her!

Next up: Making crayons!

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Ashley said...

What a fun activity! I think Katie and I will be doing this really soon :) And can't wait to see the tutorial on the crayons - Katie loves breaking her crayons, so we definitely have plenty of little pieces to throw in a mold for "tie dye" crayons! :)