Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pleated Fleece Skirt

And yet more sewing posts. I know. I'm so obsessive. Russ calls me "Chuck *Insert my maiden name here*" all the time. That's my Dad. I guess he thinks I get my OCD from him...he would be right. But, really, is that a bad thing? Hahaha!

Moving on! Tuesday I decided to try something I had never done before. I made a skirt with a free pattern I printed off of the internet! And you know what? It was so easy!

Reasons to use patterns off of the internet:
1. You only print the size you need.
2. Less cutting out.
3. Easier to cut printer paper than it is to cut pattern paper.
4. Simple to put the pattern together and to pin it to the fabric.
5. Easier all around!

At least it was with this particular pattern. Plus, I learned how to make box pleats. So cute and so simple!

And here's the story of the fleece skirt:

I have 2 clear containers full of fabric pieces. I like to go to Hobby Lobby and buy the clearance fabric that is already cut and rolled up. (I'm going to stop doing that...more on that in a minute) So a while back I bought a piece of fleece. I didn't have a specific project for it. I just thought it was cute and with all the babies that were on their way, I thought I would have a use for it (and then it turned out that all the babies that are here/on it's way are boys.) I really wanted to make something for winter for Chloe Jo with it, but there wasn't enough for a dress or jumper so I decided to surf the internet for inspiration....and found Fleece Fun! Her site is so fun and I love the subtitle: "Velvet is Pretentious. Fleece is Fun!" How cute is that?!? On the site is a list of patterns and instructions for several fleece projects and that is where I found the Pleated Skirt Pattern.

And here is my final product:
I'm so happy with it! I think it turned out super fun and super cute!

And I think Chloe Jo likes her new skirt.
And then the weather got back up into the 80's yesterday so she wasn't able to wear it to Bible class last night.

***I don't recommend buying fabric from the sale bin at Hobby Lobby. I have a large piece of fabric that I was planning to make a dress for Chloe out of and when I unrolled it, there are 2 holes in it. They are in a place that I can't work around them so the dress is a no go. I'm going to try to get a skirt and shirt applique out of it instead, but I don't know if that will even work. :(


Angel said...

That looks great! Good job with the pattern! - angel of

Angel said...

That looks so cute! good job!
Angel of

Ashley said...

Love it! I have a sewing machine I borrowed from a friend and I just can't seem to use it. I've gotta get over whatever is holding me back and try!