Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's that time again! Link up {here} to tell us what you are loving today!

I'm loving that Russ' birthday was Monday, mine was yesterday and our anniversary is Monday. Let's party!

I'm loving the movie Anastasia. It is my favorite animated movie and Russ bought it for me for my birthday. I had it already, but it was a VHS and we haven't had a VHS player for several years now.
I'm loving board games like Mancala. Russ hates to play so I pulled birthday rank yesterday and made him play games with me. :)
I'm loving that I'm going to get to see my new nephew, Ethan, this week!

I'm loving my sweet hubby. Happy Birthday and Anniversary to us!
And I'm loving my sweet little girl, Chloe Jo. I introduced Dora on the computer to her last week and she loved it!
What are you loving this week?


Amy Childress said...

happy anniversay as well!!! hope yall have a long blessed life together full of happiness! :)
thanks for stoping by my bloggy!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog love!! :)

Happy bday and happy anniversary to y'all!! Wow lots to celebrate and be thankful for!! That Mancala game looks a lot like a game I played growing up in another country!! :) it's fun!! :)

Have a great week!!

Jane said...

Happy Anniversary! And mancala is awesome! I can't believe anyone doesn't like it!

Kristen said...

Happy Anniversary!! :)

And I love Anastasia too!

Elizabeth said...

I love Anastasia!! Probably one of my favorite animated stories.