Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Visit from the In-Laws

The week after El Tornado/Floodo Russ' Mom, Dad and niece came to the area for a visit. Since we weren't living in our place and the place we were staying at was out of our town, they decided to spend a couple nights in big town next door. They got in on a Wednesday evening and we were able to spend all day on Thursday! We had a great time visiting with them and it was a welcome break from the stresses of Le Situation.
Russ' Mom, Dad and Alli. Alli lives with Debbie and Tony so she gets to go on their vacations. She has a wonderful big personality and I just love her!

Tony is originally from West Virginia and he has a ton of brothers and sisters (14 or something crazy like that) so they come out this way to visit family and to vacation. Since we are now on the east coast they got to come see us, too! We were thrilled they made the detour. We just wish we would have had a place for them to come to at the time.
We showed them around big town next door and took them to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch. Yum! We also took them to our local farmer's market. They loved that! Tony is a gardener extraordinaire so he especially enjoyed the farmer's market. Unfortunately, the air conditioning in their SUV was on the fritz so Russ and Tony went back to our town to get that fixed (we didn't know of any reputable auto repair in big town). While they were there I took Debbie and Alli on a trip to Hobby Lobby. Fun! Fun! Alli picked out a pattern and fabric so I can make her a summer dress while we were there. I started it last week, but the pattern is screwed up (and it isn't just me! I called my Mom to clarify things and it really is the pattern!) so I have to get more fabric before I continue.
We don't look homeless, right? Right!?!

After Tony and Russ got back with the SUV all fixed up (for $20, yo!) we went back to their hotel. Alli had brought Chloe Jo some of her old clothes including a little swimming suit so Alli and Chloe Jo were able to go swimming for a while before dinner. Chloe Jo really loved getting in the pool with Alli! And don't worry. She didn't get off the steps and Russ or I were always on the edge of the pool within arms reach since CJ didn't have a life jacket or a puddle jumper to wear.
We had a great time with Debbie, Tony and Alli! We are looking forward to going west for the holidays this year!

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