Monday, June 27, 2011

Customized Headboard

One of the things that was ruined by el floodo was our headboard and our dresser. They weren't ruined to where they were unusable, but they looked awful! I have been interested in making an upholstered headboard for a while so we decided to go ahead and do that to replace the ruined one.
We think it turned out great and I'm very happy with it! Here is what I did:

First, I drew a sketch on graph paper of the headboard. The x's are where the buttons were to go and the bottom is the part that is covered up by the bed.
We went to our local home improvement store and bought a sheet of particle board. We had them cut it to the size we wanted. We also had them cut a second smaller piece to use as the wall mount.
I then measured out where I wanted the buttons to go. I took the board outside and set it up in the yard.
I drilled 2 holes at each x.
I then covered the whole headboard with 2-inch wide foam. You can get 1-inch wide, but I am very happy we spent the extra money for the 2-inch. I think we wouldn't have been as happy with the 1-inch. I sprayed the board with spray adhesive before putting the foam on it so the foam wouldn't move around on me when I put the fabric on.
I laid the fabric on our floor with the right side down. I then laid the headboard and foam on top of the fabric. I just folded the fabric over the edges, pulling tight, and stapled it on with a staple gun.
I decided to cover buttons for this project. You can buy a button covering kit at your local hobby shop. I've seen them at the has-everything store, also. I used a thick thread and long needle to go through one hole, string the button and go back down the second hole and tie in the back. This worked out great! We then mounted it on the wall.
I love this headboard! I especially love that it is comfortable to lean on when I want to read before bed time. I hated our old headboard because it had cubby's and was very uncomfortable. This one is perfect!


Kirby and Anna said...

Very crafty ;) Looks great!

Alicia_B said...

That looks AMAZING!

Chelley N said...

It looks really good!

Ashley said...

Love it! And thanks for the tutorial!

Suzanne said...

I love it, thought about trying to make one for my daughter, but ended up buying a cute headboard on craigslist instead! Hello spray paint!

~*JaYmE*~ said...

Cool! You're so creative!

caryn said...

That came out fantastic!

Mercedes said...

You are awesomely crafty!

Melissa Jane said...

Very creative! Now you want to make me one?! Lol.