Thursday, September 2, 2010

Reading Again

Last week Chloe Jo and I finally got to go to the library and sign up for a library card. We were so excited!!! Okay, okay, I was excited. I had to wait a few weeks while we got our licenses changed over (finally got that done!) and we needed a bill with our new address on it. I was practically going into reading withdraw! I ended up getting Moby Dick. I had tried several times over the summer to get this book, but since the summer reading program at our old library was doing a book club with Moby Dick I was never able to get it. Unfortunately it has been a bit disappointing. The beginning was really good and then, all of a sudden, it just got boring and dry. I'm not even half way through so I'm hoping it picks back up again. The one bad thing is that there isn't a children's reading program all the time. The librarian said there would be one starting a little before Halloween so I'm hoping Chloe Jo will be old enough for that. Have I mentioned that I love living in a small town??? We can walk to the library from our home. That is pure awesomeness!

I've also started thinking about Christmas. I always start waaaaaaaay early so that it is not a huge financial situation in December. I have knocked out 5 gifts and am working on one for Chloe Jo. I am crocheting her a blanket. It has a flowered pattern on it and I'm doing it out of the colors in her bedroom. I hope it will turn out as cute as I'm picturing!

The weather has been great today. It's been cool and there was a slight wind. I don't know if that is due to Hurricane Earl or if it's just how September is in South Carolina? Either way, it's been really nice. The hurricane is supposed to skip us. The weather forecast said that we would probably not even get rain from it.

That's it for now. Later gators!


Ashley said...

I thought about yall when I first heard about the hurricane headed to the east coast but am glad it skipped you!! :) Enjoy the breeze though!

Have you read The Help? I REALLY liked that book!!

Janet said...

I'm glad that you are safe from Earl! I was wondering about you, not knowing exactly where you moved to. But I'm glad you guys will be safe! Hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend!