Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our place is for sale

Our landlord has decided to sell our duplex. Out of the four places we have lived, the first one was sold while we were living in it and now this one is up for sale. What is up with that??? While this could be a good thing (I don't much care for our landlord), it could also be a not-so-good thing. I like to think ahead and sometimes that is a very bad thing. I keep thinking about someone else buying the place then hiking the rent up, forcing us to move somewhere else. It makes me stress! And I don't need to stress anymore. I need to mellow out. Anyway, so our landlord came by last night to ask us if the realtor could bring someone over to look at our side. It's nice that he thinks our side is the side to show, but it was also a pain this morning. I didn't know if I was supposed to be here or not. I know when you sell a house that you own, you need to leave. How does it work in this situation? I ended up waiting until the realtor came and I asked. He didn't have a key so I left the place open for him and Chloe Jo and I went to the library and park. The realtor ended up coming to find us to see if he could take pictures. He had already locked the door so we had to go and let him back in. I made sure that he wasn't going to post the pictures on the MLS. Anyway, it was kind of a pain because I had to get everything in order for the showing. The place was clean, I just had to pick up a few toys and put dishes in the dishwasher. I hope this isn't a long, drawnout process. And I really hope we get a good new landlord. Maybe one that will pay for an exterminator every month. Seriously, I hate roaches. Nasty things.

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